Poop and Make Dinner at the Same Time in Your Tiny House

Mar 2, 2015 by

Tiny houses are cool and all, cialis but their proponents have a tendency to overstate their merits. Yes, they’re super efficient, allow you to live largely off-grid and has the ability to squeeze any extraneous element from a tiny house dweller’s life. But c’mon, the places are freaking tiny! There’s only so far you can spin having enough space for two pairs of socks. This propensity to exaggerate the merits of tiny house living is the target of a Portlandia skit. They tout that “micro-living..[is] adorable, convenient, and eco-conscious. In a tiny house multi-tasking becomes a lifestyle choice where you can simultaneously use the bathroom and make dinner.”

The episode will air Thursday night at 10pm (more details here), but check out this preview in the meantime.

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