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We Fight For Forests

Even if you live thousands of miles away from the nearest rainforest, they are essential to your survival. 

Rainforests truly are the lungs of our planet. They produce vital oxygen for all of us while providing homes for millions of people and some of the world’s most threatened and endangered animals.

Despite the fact that we all rely on rainforests, we are currently losing an acre every second for commodities like palm oil, cattle, biofuels, soya, wood and paper. 

But ecologically and culturally significant rainforests still remain, which means we have the opportunity to be the generation that makes sure it stays that way. But we must take immediate action.

Right now, the rainforests facing the most urgent threats are in Indonesia and Malaysia. Horrifyingly, Indonesia ranks third in total global greenhouse emissions–behind China and the United States–due to the uncontrolled clearing and burning of its rainforests and peatlands. If we don’t mount an all out effort to protect Indonesia’s forest landscapes, we will not only see climate emissions continue to skyrocket but we will lose unique cultures and livelihoods and irreplaceable animals like the orangutan forever.

So what can you do to help protect rainforests?

The leading cause of deforestation and land grabs in Indonesia is clearing and plantation development for palm oil production and pulp and paper. These commodities are being produced to feed international demand. In many cases, we are the customers being sold paper and palm oil-laced foods and other products fueling the loss of Indonesia’s forests. This means that working together we have power to change the situation. We are having real influence on the big corporate consumers of these products and they, in turn, are requiring changes to their suppliers’ policies and practices.

From Disney to Home Depot, RAN has helped leverage your voices to convince some of the world’s largest companies to change the way they do business for the better–and with your help we will do it again.

RAN’s palm oil and pulp and paper campaigns are designed to help you apply pressure on the global brands that are influencing the companies causing the most damage to Indonesia’s rainforests and forest communities.

What’s our goal? We believe the two most important things we need to do to protect Indonesia’s critical rainforests are:

  • Support the rights of Indigenous and rural communities and local organizations to steward the forests they know best; and

  • Build a movement of customer power that transforms the practices of the giant global companies responsible for this deforestation mess.

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