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Rep. Kennedy will meet with Autism Action Network

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Goal: End the threat to religious exemptions in H.R. 5272
     Good news. Rep. Joseph Kennedy (D-MA-4) has generously requested a meeting with representatives of the Autism Action Network to discuss his House Resolution, H. R. 5272, the “Do No Harm Act.” In a letter received yesterday Rep. Kennedy wrote, “I would welcome the opportunity to meet with you and discuss your legal analysis of the “Do No Harm Act” and how we might work together to advance research and treatments for autism while still protecting religious freedoms guaranteed to each American in the Constitution.”

A meeting in his district is being scheduled.  We believe that language in the bill could be used to eliminate religious exemption rights from vaccine mandates. We do not believe the intention of the bill is to threaten vaccine exemptions rights, but legislation can have all kinds of unintended and unforeseen consequences. Our goal is to assure H. R. 5272 is modified so that there is no conceivable threat to rights to religious exemptions from vaccine mandates.

If you support this goal please make if possible for the Autism Action Network to continue doing our work by donating as generously as your means allow to our annual fundraising drive that we are doing in conjunction with the Autism Community Walk.  Online donations can be made at:

Or mailed to:

Autism Action Network, 550 East Chester Street, Long Beach, NY 11561

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