Scientist Tells Media He’s ‘Terrified’ By Geoengineering Projects He’s Worked On

May 19, 2018 by

Geoengineering | Weather Modification

“Climate change,” which was originally termed “global warming” before convenience got in the way (remember, blizzards), is now just an excuse to hock weather modification technology. Governments have, in essence, sold the masses that if man doesn’t intervene, we all fry like worms on hot summer pavement. Or we freeze to death. It really depends on the convenience of the argument.

One scientist who alleges to have worked on a great many geoengineering (the term we use for weather modification) is now speaking out (and against) the dire and tragic state of man controlled weather.

Dr. Matthew Watson from Bristol University in the UK recently told Daily Mail that he’s “terrified” by some of the geoengineering projects he’s worked on.

“. . . terrified, because the potential for misstep is considerable.”

One of Doctor Watson’s geoengineering projects was canceled, according to The Guardian, due to patent issues.

Ah, but what could have been…the idea being sold is that we can “reflect the sun’s rays” away from the earth. This is done by injecting either chemicals or in some cases, water, into the upper shear of the atmosphere. Here’s the canceled geoengineering project’s diagram.

The experiment would have injected 150 liters of water into the atmosphere from a weather balloon via a 1km pipe tethered to a ship as part of the Spice project (Stratospheric Particle Injection for Climate Engineering). Essentially, they’d be mimicking volcanoes and dumping sulfur particles into our stratosphere.

This was only stopped due to patent concerns, not due to concerns that jacking with our weather might be a heinous mistake. But I think the further take away here is that geoengineering is a financial endeavor. It’s a business. And it thrives on selling the masses lies. Weather modification is now not only acceptable, but it is also something the masses are sold is desperately needed. This will mean big bucks for those who hold patents in such technology.

And as you might have guessed, there are no studies in existence regarding what dire side effects injecting sulfur into our stratosphere might have. Because studies equating to the contrary simply would not be popular.

“We are swimming, drowning, in a sea of ignorance. This terrifies me. But doing nothing is not an option. Unless we’re very wrong about climate change or quickly change our ways, at some point we’re going to have to ‘go outside’ [with these technologies],” he said.

Stratospheric aerosol geoengineering is a primary term for the ongoing global climate modification programs being conducted by major powers around the world. “Aerosols” is simply a term for a microscopic particle that is suspended in the air. A primary stated goal of the geoengineering programs is to provide a “solar shield” to slow “runaway climate change”  by spraying tens of millions of tons of highly toxic metal nano particulates (a nanometer is 1/1,000,000,000 of a meter) into the atmosphere from jet aircraft.”

We now have aluminum showing up in rain tests in a great many parts of the world. If man continues to attempt to manipulate our weather, we might be in for species extinction. All in the name of profiteering.

I believe that climate change, the very core message of it, is a lie. It’s a like propagated as a way to increase interest and funding into these geoengineering projects. It’s pocket lining. And at this juncture, it seems as if we are in an unstoppable motion to allow man to profit from weather modification. The masses are asleep at the wheel. “Chemtrails” are “conspiracy theory” spread about by lunatics. The government and the corporations have their pitch.

Can you prep for geoengineering?

You can remain silent, but that’s being complicit. Spread the word. Share the message that man’s attempts at engineering weather is the real reason for climate change, not C02.

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