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SIGN YOUR NAME: Denounce the Republican lawsuit against President Obama >>

A federal judge has ruled that Congressional Republicans can officially SUE President Obama. Unless something changes, Obamacare could be destroyed forever.

We need to collect 1OO,OOO signatures denouncing this frivolous lawsuit before it goes any further. Will you add your name right now?

Cassandra —

Republicans have scored a MAJOR win in their lawsuit against President Obama.

A federal judge ruled the GOP’s case can proceed– potentially gutting Obamacare and undermining the President’s legacy.

Destroying Obamacare was a key part of the Koch Brothers’ agenda when they spent hundreds of millions of dollars to elect Republicans last year. Here’s what happened:

  • FIRST: The Koch Brothers spent MILLIONS to deceive Americans about Obamacare — and help put Republicans in charge of Congress.
  • THEN: Republicans in the majority SUED President Obama.

We can’t stand for it. If the Kochs win… Republicans will overstep their bounds once again to undermine the President’s legacy.

SIGN YOUR NAME: Denounce the Republican lawsuit against the President before it’s too late >>

Thanks to Citizens United, the Koch Brothers network of shady right-wing organizations have infiltrated every level of government.

We need your help to expose everything they’re doing to undermine our Democracy.

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