A Proud California Dairy Farme...

Jun 22, 2020 by

A Proud California Dairy Farmer Battles for Survival in Wildly Uncertain Times

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“They Cut All of Our Hours”...

Apr 29, 2020 by

“They Cut All of Our Hours”

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‘Essential’ but Un...

Apr 6, 2020 by

‘Essential’ but Unprotected, Farmworkers Live in Fear of Covid-19 but Keep Working

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Inside Clean Energy: A Michiga...

Feb 27, 2020 by

Inside Clean Energy: A Michigan Utility Just Raised the Bar on Emissions-Cutting Plans

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This tiny but mighty Californi...

Feb 21, 2020 by

This tiny but mighty California bureau is taking on polluters

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California Lagged in Capping

Feb 17, 2020 by

California Lagged in Capping – Homes of LA Residents Plagued by Illness and Odors

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Trump Admin Manipulated Wildfi...

Jan 27, 2020 by

Respecting scientists has never been a priority for the Trump Administration. Now, a new investigation from The Guardian revealed that Department of the Interior political appointees sought to play up carbon emissions from California’s wildfires while hiding emissions from fossil fuels as a way to encourage more logging in the national forests controlled by the Interior department.

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Big Pharma Is Literally Poison...

Jan 20, 2020 by

Big Pharma spends a small fortune every year buying politicians to make sure we can’t import prescription drugs from Canada, but they’re more than happy to sell us contaminated medications from countries with weak manufacturing controls and exploitable labor that ensure high profit margins.

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Climate Change Affects Student...

Nov 7, 2019 by

Education is a fundamental right, codified in the constitutions of nearly half of the 50 states including California and in international law.

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Trump Just Threatened to Pull ...

Nov 4, 2019 by

Another Sunday morning, another stupid tweet.

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Wildfires Are Making Californi...

Oct 31, 2019 by

A new study examines the human health costs of the fires.

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What western states can learn ...

Oct 30, 2019 by

For several months in 2019, it seemed wildfires wouldn’t rage across the West as they had in recent years. But then came the dry autumn and California’s Santa Ana and Diablo winds, which can drive the spread of wildfires

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A Glimpse of the Climate Apoca...

Oct 23, 2019 by

At the beginning of October, my kids’ preschool informed me that it might be closed the next day because of rolling blackouts — a radical new effort by our local power utility in Northern California to avoid sparking wildfires.

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What Are Californians Supposed...

Oct 10, 2019 by

PG&E is turning off the power to protect against another fire. It’s created a new kind of disaster.

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The Country’s “Most Polluted A...

Oct 10, 2019 by

“This is political retribution against California, plain and simple.”

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A ‘Chilling Message’: Trump Cr...

Oct 3, 2019 by

President Trump’s political feud with California has spread collateral damage across more than a dozen other states, which have seen their regulatory authority curtailed and their autonomy threatened by a Trump administration intent on weakening the environmental statutes of the country’s most populous state.

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University of California to Di...

Sep 19, 2019 by

Writing in the Los Angeles Times, two top university investment officials said it was the long-term risk posed by fossil fuel investments, rather than concerns over the environment, that led them to pull some $150 million in fossil fuel assets from the university endowment.

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Parts of California are too wi...

Aug 26, 2019 by

California is facing yet another real estate-related crisis, but we’re not talking about its sky-high home prices. According to newly released data, it’s simply become too risky to insure houses in big swaths of the wildfire-prone state.

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California is gaining allies i...

Aug 19, 2019 by

A national divide is growing.

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Automakers, Rejecting Trump Po...

Aug 1, 2019 by

Four of the world’s largest automakers have struck a deal with California to reduce automobile emissions, siding with the state in its fight with President Trump over one of his most consequential regulatory rollbacks.

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California first U.S. state to...

Jul 10, 2019 by

California has become the first U.S. state to allow some undocumented immigrants to have full health benefits paid for by taxpayers, after Gov. Gavin Newsom (D) signed the bill into law Tuesday.

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Outrage at the California Stat...

Jun 24, 2019 by

Following a five-hour hearing in which hundreds of parents spoke in opposition to tightening California’s school immunization requirements, the Assembly Health Committee easily passed a contentious bill Thursday to do just that.

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Desalination plants are here, ...

Jun 24, 2019 by

Some 30 miles north of San Diego, along the Pacific Coast, sits the Claude “Bud” Lewis Carlsbad Desalination Plant, the largest effort to turn saltwater into freshwater in North America.

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Greenland’s Hidden Secret

May 29, 2019 by

Greenland is the Key to Global Sea Level Rise

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They Grow the Nation’s Food, b...

May 21, 2019 by

EAST OROSI, Calif. — Water is a currency in California, and the low-income farmworkers who pick the Central Valley’s crops know it better than anyone. They labor in the region’s endless orchards, made possible by sophisticated irrigation systems, but at home their faucets spew toxic water tainted by arsenic and fertilizer chemicals.

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Trump plans to allow fracking ...

Apr 26, 2019 by

Environmental groups are preparing for a fight against the proposal that would end a five-year fracking moratorium in central California

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Public Called Upon to Descend ...

Apr 22, 2019 by

We need your action this week to stop SB 276 sponsored by Senator Richard Pan which interferes with and restricts the medical exemption to mandatory vaccinations in California.

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California and EPA Poised to E...

Apr 16, 2019 by

A little-known program under federal environment law is being used to permit oil and gas companies to inject waste into the state’s aquifers, even as the thirst for groundwater grows.

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So what did California do with...

Mar 29, 2019 by

Think of California as a kind of green Robin Hood. For six years now, it has been taking money from polluters and spending it to slash greenhouse gas emissions.

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A California coalition is tack...

Feb 15, 2019 by

Decarbonizing buildings: it’s tedious, but oh so necessary.

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