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The California Coastal Commission may be buckling to pressure from developers. We must act now!


The California Coastal Commission is considering firing its Executive Director, Charles Lester. But make no mistake about it. This is part of the same old agenda–with more powerful special interests than ever before–to turn the Coastal Commission into a rubber stamp for developers.

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Los Angeles Times
Lester was given the choice to step aside but he chose a public hearing to give the public a chance to hear what the debate’s really about.
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KPCC Environmental activists suspect some commis-sion members want to push out Lester to make way for management that would be more welcoming to development.

Susan Jordan of the California Coastal Pro-tection Network said Lester’s ouster would leave the agency in turmoil and intimidate its staff.

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KCRW Press Play
The California Coastal Commission Could lose its executive Director if certain pro-develop-ment members of the commission have their way. It’s essentially history repeating itself.The reason for the coup? A years-long battle between the pro-development faction and conservationist faction.
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ACT NOW! Contact the Coastal Commission and tell them to keep Charles Lester and stay strong to protect our coast from overdevelopment:

Erik Howell

Roberto Uranga

Steve Kinsey

Gregory Cox

Carol Groom


Contact your elected officials and tell them how important this is to you!
Speaker Pro Tem Kevin de Leon

Tele: (916) 651-4024 / (213) 483-9300


State Senator Ben Allen

Tele: (916) 445-8899 / (310) 318-6994

Assembly Speaker Anthony Rendon
Tele: (916) 319-2063 / (562) 529-3250

State Assembly member Autumn Burke
Tele: (916) 319-2062 / (310) 412-6400


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