The Future of Architecture: 7 Challenges and Trends

Jun 23, 2019 by

Architects share how the industry is addressing sustainability, accessibility and urban design


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Where will architecture take us in the coming years? Which trends will influence residential construction? We posed these questions to Gonzalo Pardo, an architect and associate professor at the Technical University of Madrid; Manuela Fernández Langenegger, an architect based in Milan; and Guillermo López, an architect and co-founder of MAIO, an architecture studio with offices in New York and Barcelona. They talked to us about sustainability, inclusivity and public space.

“More and more buildings are being designed with common spaces and collective domestic services, such as kitchens, day care centers, laundry rooms, etc.,” López says. “These models seek to establish relationships between neighbors and promote communication, socialization and increasingly profitable space.”

The challenge for architecture lies in creating urban spaces for coexistence and leisure, where people can walk, play or simply enjoy the open air.


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