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The response we’ve received to protect Devil’s Garden horses has been overwhelming — in fact, we’ve blown through our initial goal! Our new goal is $50,000 to fuel our legal, field, and advocacy efforts — help us protect wild horses by chipping in today.


Before the U.S. Forest Service announced its plan to sell captured Devil’s Garden wild horses without limitation on slaughter, AWHC was working with the agency on a plan to introduce a humane, scientific pilot program for sustainable population management.

In fact, we were (and remain) ready to implement a PZP birth control pilot program in the Garden, and to work with ranching permittees to explore compensation for retirement or reduced use of livestock grazing permits on the public lands in the Devil’s Garden Wild Horse Territory.

It’s disappointing that the U.S. Forest Service has prioritized mass removal and sale for slaughter instead of taking a step toward humane and sustainable wild horse management. This is particularly true since their plan violates both the intent of Congress and the laws of California, which has banned the cruel practice of horse slaughter for two decades.

So now we have to fight back — and let them know that choosing slaughter over humane range management is unacceptable to the American public.

The response we’ve already received has been huge — can you chip in today to help us reach our new $50,000 goal and fuel our efforts to protect wild horses?

Here are the steps we’re taking to fight back against this cruel and illegal plan:

  • We’ve filed a lawsuit to block the sale of wild horses to kill buyers. Legal action is one of the most potent weapons in our arsenal — but it’s expensive. Chip in today to help us win this lawsuit.
  • We’re mobilizing our supporters from across California to attend our rally in Vallejo demanding that the Forest Service put a stop to this inhumane plan. Support our field efforts.
  • We’re working with allies in both the state legislature and the federal government — and we’ve already gotten huge support. State Senator Todd Gloria (D-San Diego) and 23 of his colleagues in the California Legislature have joined the fight, and Sen. Dianne Feinstein has made her voice heard. Help us keep lobbying our leaders for action.

We believe that we can win this fight — but only with your help. Thanks for standing with us.

– American Wild Horse Campaign

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