“There Are No Foreign Viruses:” Go Viral with Outrageous Love – Share the Love – Share This Clip – Physical Distancing, NOT Social Distancing

Mar 17, 2020 by

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Beloved Friend,

Please read this all with great care and great love and try and listen to the videos. This entire email is an Outrageous Love Note from heart to heart. And please forward it to everyone and anyone you love and to those who you would like to love.

We begin this Outrageous Love Note by taking a stand for right words.

Ada Kedabra, the words of magic, are sourced in the ancient Aramaic phrase, Avra Kedabra – translated – “I create through my speech.”

Let us all immediately up-level our language.

Words matter.


We must all stand for “physical distancing” and “ever-deeper social connection and intimacy.”

“Physical distancing” and “Social Opening of the Heart.”

To Share from Dr. Marc Gafni’s Talk Yesterday:

“The Corona Virus threatens us with catastrophic risk and the loss of precious life, and particularly the lives of our elders who are precious beyond imagination. This is a moment to gather in a circle around our elders and protect them with everything we have. The loss of life at any scale and particularly at this large scale, and the potential death of so many of our elders before their time, is an example of catastrophic risk.

But this very likely catastrophic risk is very possibly a dress rehearsal for existential risk. How we deal with the catastrophic risk of the Corona Virus outbreak is just a dry run, a dress rehearsal, for how we will deal with the more devastating underlying existential risk we are facing as a whole species.

Crisis is an evolutionary driver. And every crisis is a crisis of intimacy.

The Corona Virus is a physical pathogen. All of our medical energy and love must be focused on protection and healing.

And we must stay very close to the fact pattern. The Corona Virus is a direct result of a failure in intimacy. We offer this not in any way as an explanation or justification for suffering in any sort of self-righteous sense. Rather we are tracing the fact pattern of the pathogen itself.”

Watch This Video of the Wuhan Market in China Where the Virus Emerged From & Then Come Back to This Email:

“The population that is forced by economic circumstance to buy unsafe meat – horribly suffering animals painfully and brutally slaughtered in front of lower income customers needing sustenance – is a tragic failure of intimacy.

It is but one expression of what we must together call our ‘Global Intimacy Disorder.’

But we do not live in a world where we can split off populations of the poor and their suffering – or populations of animals and their suffering – and go about our lives in peace.

It is One World, One Heart, One Love.

The key word is One.

We are all unique but we are unique expressions of the One Heart.

When we split of the suffering of any part of the One Heart, tragic virus is created. Today it is a pathogen but there are many other forms of catastrophic and existential risk that are possible. The invitation is to not go back to business as usual. There is nothing more tragic than wasting a tragedy.

Ultimately, all suffering is mystery. We can never give ultimate or certain explanations. But we can observe the fact pattern that precedes suffering and then take the mysterious fate of suffering and convert it into the destiny of personal and collective transformation.

The healing of the One Heart is no less than the Evolution of Intimacy.

But the Evolution of Intimacy cannot take place in a vacuum.

The Evolution of Intimacy can take place in the context of the deeper realization – rooted in the exterior and interior sciences – that we live in an Intimate Universe and the Intimate Universe lives in us.

And that evolution is the Progressive Deepening of Intimacies.

We are evolution and we must incarnate in our very hearts and bodies the Evolution of Intimacy.

We must reach for a new Evolutionary Intimacy where we feel the pain and joy of the world as our own.

There is nothing more beautiful or more sacred.

There is also nothing else that will allow us to move through this 11th Hour of humanity’s potential swan song and transform potential Dystopia to the most beautiful expression of life that ever existed on this planet.

Let’s emotionally hold hands, politically, socially, spiritually and existentially – even as we physically distance.

One Heart, One Love, One World.

Let us Reclaim Love as Religion and articulate together a practical Politics of Love.”

Now is the time to awaken as Homo amor, as Outrageous Lover, committing Outrageous Acts of Love, Going Viral with Outrageous Love.

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