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At just 160 sq ft (15 sq m) this is one of the smallest full-function apartments we’ve seen. Despite its tiny proportions, sovaldi it’s hard to imagine a space getting too much more efficient in its use of space.

The centerpiece of the apartment is a one meter high wooden volume that contains, medical well, everything except the bathroom. On its top is a bed and dining area with round table and a couple chairs. There is a built-in (and usable looking) kitchen with doors that fold down when not in use, increasing surface space and reducing visual clutter.

Inside the volume is a closet of sorts accessed via a trap door. From the pictures, it’s not entirely clear how one would access the stuff inside closet, though we suspect it involves some sort of gymnastics. In fact, the whole apartment, with its short-roofed dining area, seems geared toward the young, limber and exceedingly neat.

via Boiserie & C.

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