The drama seems not to be ending anytime soon for President Donald Trump! Some of his trusted team members like Michael Flynn, who had  contact with the Russians, are speaking up.


Disgraced Flynn, who was a former National Security Advisor to Trump is trying to save his head from being butchered for the many wrongs he has committed, has taken the advice of his lawyer.

Flynn has confessed that he was registered as a foreign agent, who lobbied work he had done that “could be construed to have principally benefited the Republic of Turkey” according to the paperwork he filed.

He said that he was handsomely paid  $530,000 from August through the election period by a company that is owned a Turkish businessman, who has close ties to Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan. According to the Associated Press report, Flynn met subsequently with  Turkey’s Ministers of Foreign Affairs and Energy in New York.

Flynn later lobbied one of the members of the House Homeland Security Committee, who twisted the hands of American officials to deal with  Erdogan’s harsh critic, Fethullah Gulen.  The president of Turkey had blamed the cleric Gulen, who currently resides in the US, for organizing a coup attempt last July that almost toppled his government.

Under the Foreign Agent Registration Act,  any American who ever lobbies on behalf of a political entity or international government is expected to tell the Justice Department the details of such work. If a U.S citizen fails to register a felony or crime willing, the Justice Department may file criminal charges. The Department often works with lobbying companies to ensure that they work in compliance with the American law, by disclosing and registering the work.

Flynn also wrote an op-ed that promoted the business and political affairs of Turkey, that was published in a political news outlet, The Hill.  The story of Flynn is an embarrassing one because he had misled Vice-President Pence about his dealings with the Russians.  It was the contacts between Russia and Trump campaign that forced Democrats to call for an investigation on a possible collision that might have influenced the presidential election.

What do expect that we should do to Flynn? He has resigned and relaxing as his boss; Trump goes out trying to ensure that he is safe from any criminal damage. However, no one is above the law of the United States of  America, Flynn has been caught in a web of criminal charges that he must account for.

We are expecting Trump to openly condemn Flynn for selling out the government and lobbying without registering it. The truth is Trump may never do that! He firmly believes that he is right and his team cannot commit a crime. Five of Trump team members have been caught contacting the Russians before the election and more people would still be found. We wouldn’t allow Trump and his staff to destroy the dream America has for her citizens, not in our TIME.