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Below is an update from the camp from someone who is there.
I want to add a few things. What is unfolding at Standing Rock, and in Bismarck where the legal system is deeply corrupted and doing more damage to the heroic people who have placed their bodies and lives in peaceful protest to protect what is sacred, and in DC where that corruption grows deeper and more outrageous by the day, is a profound tragedy. The violence, abuse, crimes, ignorance, bigotry and more by law enforcement, by local, state and federal officials are travesties. The actions of ETP and DAPL and their desecration and destruction of sacred sites, their lies, their abuses are equally outrageous. The very real conflicts of interest go deep and far – from local and state officials, boards and commissions and lawmakers, to the governor and others, all the way to our new president.

I pray that the coming confrontation is not an escalation of violence from the government and DAPL, but I have little on which to base that hope. What a disgusting new chapter in the long brutal history of abuse against Native Americans and the natural world.

There are some crucial aspects to this that most people don’t understand and that have only come into sharper focus recently – one of which is that there are no precedents for a crude oil pipeline like this one crossing under a lake anywhere in the world. Zero. That this is not just any lake — Lake Oahe is the fourth largest reservoir in the US. That the engineering decisions, the routing, the assumptions used in the application were based on poor engineering judgement, that leak events modeled for the application were for an above the water crossing, not under the lake where they can never be repaired or mitigated. That the tribes were never given access to the full permit application documents. These are things, known to the Army Corps, that would be fully documented in detail in the EIS, that would have to be analyzed and addressed, and that the Corps is ignoring in issuing the easement without a full EIS. This is a set of crimes, and a clear abrogation of responsibility and violation of the public trust.

Here is the message from someone at the camp:
Please don’t forget Standing Rock
This is an update on Standing Rock. It’s not pleasant. You’ve been fairly warned.
Update from Standing Rock volunteer-
I have returned from Standing Rock with my mind blown, my heart broken and my spirit troubled with foreboding of a deepening tragedy. Volunteering as a legal observer with the Water Protector Legal Collective I witnessed several confrontations between Water Protectors (WP) and law enforcement: national guard, sheriffs and private security (LE).
On 1/18/17 – 1/19/17 I observed WP with their hands in the air chanting “hands up don’t shoot” being fired upon at a range of 10 to 15 feet. Tear gas canisters and rubber bullets ( rubber bullets are regular bullets covered in rubber) were used against unarmed WP who had been singing and praying. I observed national guard chasing WP off the Backwater bridge, firing at people running away. I heard people choking and gagging from tear gas. I saw access to the WP medic vehicles being blocked. I spoke with medics and WP who described bullets penetrating flesh and causing terrible injuries, including to one media person who nearly lost his finger when his camera was targeted.
I talked with a media person and was told of 4 media people on the bridge that night, 3 had their recording devices shot and the 4th, his hand. I saw a photo of a sheriff aiming a rifle directly at a media woman who was standing apart from the crowd. I heard testimony of the back of the medic pickup truck being awash in blood after evacuating wounded.
I watched, and then, inadvertently became a part of, WP being forced off the bridge by national guard who were hiding behind WP vehicles parked along the road and firing rubber bullets at fleeing people. Many people were shot in the back, the neck, the head. When LE fired at people at close range, many were shot in the genitals or in the face. I received information about DAPL security breaching the short wave radio channels of the WP with taunts such as ”come out and fight like men you faggots or we will come to Camp and fuck your women.”
There are some young warriors, who, without the support of their elders, many who want the camps cleared to mitigate the economic and social damage being suffered by the local community in having the bridge closed, have vowed to not leave the camps or to let the last section of pipeline be built.
Driving away from the area on Monday I saw a convoy of construction vehicles heading to the drill pad. Last night an indigenous website live streamed reports of drilling and construction noises coming from the drill pad.
Without the eyes of a free press these attacks and trespasses continue, with the human rights and sovereignty of indigenous peoples denied. The UN Committee on Transnational Corporations and Human Right Abuses was in Standing Rock this week to take testimony of the many transgressions against people: crop dusters spraying poison pesticides and fertilizers on the camps; hair samples indicating the presence of these chemicals; people who have been injured, beat up, arrested, strip searched; media and medics being targeted by snipers; (one medic told me he stopped wearing his Red Cross vest due to medics being targeted); praying people being attacked and the refusal of DAPL and our government to abide by the Rule of Law.
The vets who came in Dec to stand down against these crimes need to be on the ground there now, right now. We need to stand up for our brothers and our sisters, for their way of life and, I believe, for our social contract as a democracy which is now threatened.
Please share this so word gets out what is happening, thank you.

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