Urge Congress on EMF Safety, FCC Must Change Exposure Guidelines for Microwave Radiation Exposure

Apr 9, 2018 by

1,000,000 GOAL

We the undersigned, the American people, petition Congress to take immediate and effective measures to protect the public from electromagnetic pollution.

The following 4 steps should be taken:

1. Mandate the Federal Communications Commission (FCC) revisit its exposure guidelines for radiofrequency radiation (RF) immediately.

2. Repeal Section 704 of the Telecommunications Act of 1996, which took away the rights of state and local governments to stop the erection of cell towers and wireless antennas in their communities based on “environmental” grounds (defined by FCC as “human health”).

3. Declare a national moratorium on further wireless infrastructure build-out, including the Wi-Max roll-out currently underway, a joint venture of Sprint, Time Warner Cable, Google, Clearwire and others.

4. Establish cell phone and wireless-free neighborhoods, transportation options, government buildings, and public spaces; require employers to establish wireless free zones; and, mandate the removal of cellular and wireless technologies from public schools and their properties.

We ask members of Congress to act swiftly, decisively and with full integrity to stem the emerging electromagnetic radiation pollution increasingly permeating the lives of the American people. There has never before been a public health issue as important.

Dear Elected Officials in

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