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Common Groups of Diseases

There are various diseases that have common symptoms and disease mechanism but with different labels such as – chronic Lyme disease, autism, myalgic encephalomyelitis (ME) Gulf war illness (GWI) and mold/biotoxin illness.  All these patient groups have been neglected and abused by the U.S. government health agencies.

The CDC Fraud with vaccines and lyme (OspA) connection:

The LYMEerix vaccine was manufactured with ‘outer surface protein A’ (OspA). OspA is fungal and therefore has an immunosuppressive effect – causing post-sepsis syndrome. People injected with this vaccine were effected similarly to those bitten by a tick -which injects spirochetes (toxic fungi).  Ironically, this vaccine was making people sick with the exact thing it was supposed to prevent!

The LYMErix vaccine gave people the same disease we know of as chronic neurologic Lyme, so then what is the disease? What is OspA?

The LYMErix vaccine was patented by the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and prevention (CDC).  The synthetic OspA injected into subjects in the trial for the vaccine were getting sick. They were injected with a fungal type antigen which is toxic to humans.

LYMErix was pulled off the market when this fact was revealed to the FDA. But was anyone prosecuted like with the NECC scandal? Did anyone go to jail for racketeering? Was a fund set up for the victims?

Petition for a Congressional Investigation 

It’s time to hold the CDC, Merck, Yale, IDSA (and others) responsible for the lives they have destroyed.  Carl Tuttle started a petition with over 34k signatures so far – “Calling for a Congressional investigation of the CDC, IDSA and ALDF”

The CDC fraudulently use the “two-tier” Lyme testing method set forth by the IDSA that has a high rate of false negatives and it was not FDA approved or validated.

VaxXed Call for Congressional Letters

The VaxXed (documentary the current CDC whistleblower, fraud with vaccines) leaders encourage viewers to write their congressmen asking for Dr. Thompson to be subpoenaed, the CDC dismantled and appropriate independent studies run, as well as for vaccines to be classified as a drug.

The film VaxXed is a great opportunity to raise awareness about CDC’s neglect and inability to properly oversee these issues. The momentum building with this film could definitely help the Lyme community with the CDC malfeasance info (as well as the other neglected and abused groups) during an investigation and a congressional hearing.

LymeRix Vaccine Victim’s Stories – FDA

Action Lyme organization

UC Davis confirming this model:

Scientists who understand Lyme spirochetes and OspA are immunosuppressive

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