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Hi Casey,

Powerful Episode 5 expires tonight – Watch it now before we take it down to make room for episode 6.


Tonight – episode 6 features the

World Premier of


If you know ANYONE in the military – please don’t let them miss this episode tonight!!

More on that tonight with your episode 6 link.


See what is being said about Vaccines Revealed:

OMG! EVERYONE MUST SEE THESE – particularly the episode with Robert F. Kennedy, Jr. I know this story, and yet, I am still so incredibly stirred by this. Please, everyone – spread this far and wide and let’s wake up our society before more children are injured, and those of their families.

-K Lyons

I’ve been self educating on the issue of vaccines for over a year now. I don’t have children but I see all children as my responsibility. What happens to them…what happens to my elders and my peers affects me (directly or indirectly). I am my brother’s and sister’s keeper. THANK YOU FOR HELPING TO STEM THE EVIL THAT CORPORATIONS AND THE RICH WHO OWN/CONTROL THEM DO. Capitalism will destroy everything if we don’t stop it. We need to live with others and other species with respect for our planet.

-S. Sanders

The vaccination schedule constitutes child abuse of the worst order. Scarring them intellectually, physically and as a consequence, spiritually. Maiming each child causes collateral damage to the rest of the family and close relations and friends and peers.

-E. Lye

Wow, these episodes keep getting better. Stunned by what Robert Kennedy Jr had to say. This is important work to support.

-M. A. Lynch

The rampant evil blows my mind. I have grandchildren I’m scared to death for. I have a son on the spectrum now, but is high functioning. I would hate my grandkids to be damaged due to this unethical and immoral practice of shooting poisons into our children.

-M. Dilling

Working on my M.S. in Clinical Psychology, working at my practicum site i now have to address the truth with parents on how their beautiful child now has autism. prevention is the only way out and i will continue to look for a cure. thank you to everyone who is is getting this information out!

-S. Armstrong

Day 3 the fire in my belly grows. I cried, I got angry. My focus has been the children. Thank you for reminding me about our soldiers. Enough is enough. We need be change everywhere.

-L. Monaco

…absolutely incredible information from all these doctors and participants! It’s TIME for the Truth to come out in public!

-K. DeRose

…unfortunately there’s nothing here that can stop the vaccinations from happening . So what are we suppose to do. I have two week old granddaughter , if we don’t vaccinate they can take her away From her mother. This is insane.

-M. Sims

We are getting great video quality here in New Zealand. I sincerely hope that President Elect Donald Trump continues with the fortitude he demonstrates to ‘own’ the information that Robert Kennedy Jr and others will impart and that he brings the hammer down heavy on these corrupt people and this pharmaceutical ‘poison’ that is being inflicted on those have trusted a system to ‘care’ for them. It is heartbreaking to watch the suffering. – – parents of 6 unvaccinated children.

-Dr. B. Rushton


Dr. Patrick Gentempo

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