VIDEO: James Hansen: United Nations’ Plans to Limit Emissions Are ‘Half-Arsed’

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James Hansen, one of the world’s leading atmospheric scientists, has warned the United Nations that its current attempt to prevent global temperatures from rising is “half-arsed and half-baked” and risks giving future generations a climate system that is uncontrollably destructive.ABOVE: At the U.N. climate conference in Paris, Hansen delivers his message to “Democracy Now!’

The Guardian reports:

James Hansen, former head of Nasa’s Goddard Center and the man who raised awareness of climate change in a key Senate hearing back in 1988 said that the UN meeting was on the wrong track by seeking a 2C maximum rise in temperatures.

“What I am hearing is that the heads of state are planning to clap each other on the back and say this is a very successful conference. If that is what happens, we are screwing the next generation, because we are doing the same as before.

e at the point now where temperatures are hitting the1C mark andare are on a path above1C. Even if we reduce emissions 6% a year we will still get1C.“Instead we hear the same old thing as Kyoto [in 1997]. We are asking each country to cap emissions, or reduce emissions. In science when you do a well conducted experiment you expect to get the same result. So why are we talking about doing the same again? This is half-arsed and half-baked.” […]

“It’s not too complicated. It’s not that the problem cannot be solved but that it is not being solved. We need an honest, simple rising carbon fee.”

—Posted by Alexander Reed Kelly.

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