Watch: Noam Chomsky’s Recipe for How to Make America Great Again

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Step aside, Donald Trump, this plan could actually work.

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Noam Chomsky has frequently argued that not only do we not have a capitalist system, but no capitalist system has ever survived.

“What we have is a state capitalist system with the state playing a substantial role in American history, in economic development, production and research to keep the private sector viable,” Chomsky said in one of his classic interviews.

Chomsky is not a big fan of modern times. One of his favorite periods of American history wasn’t even in the past century.
“The Industrial Revolution was the period of the free-est press ever in the United States,” Chomsky explained. “There were lots of different newspapers representing different classes and ethic groups.”
The working-class press was expressing the people’s point of view. It reacted to the wage labor idea that became a major issue of the Republican Party.
“[By participating in] wage labor, you are renting yourself, which is not that different from being a slave except that it will end sometime,” says Chomsky. Self management and institutional control of an organization are perfectly feasable alternatives.
“[The only problem is that they] conflict with the structure of existing power systems] and therefore the educational and cultural system tries to drive them out of your minds and make them seem insane or crazy or unthinkable, but there’s nothing unthinkable about them.”
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