Noah Gue, pills a 6-year-old Bozeman, unhealthy Mont., resident, is none too pleased with this climate change business. To demonstrate, he skied across a barely there coating of snow like a boss and managed not to crash into a patch of dead grass before delivering his verdict on the unseasonal weather: “February in Montana at 9,000 feet. What a shame.”BUUUUUUUUURN.

In his wizened 6 years of age, Noah said he’s seen climate change happen before his own eyes in his backyard. Noah and his mom, Amy Larson Gue, a photographer, grabbed some trekking poles and toured viewers around their hometown to film “Noah’s Project.” The video aims to convince fuddyduddy politicians and global warming nay-sayers that yes, climate change is a real freakin’ thing. You can just FEEL this kid’s frustration through the screen. (We know your pain, dude!)

They will be taking the video to Washington, D.C., for the White House Film Festival, which kicked off on March 20. Noah is a finalist in the “Planetary Champions” category.

Here’s hopin’ Noah can sway some opinions over in the Capitol. We’re rooting for you!