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The election is coming up.
     All 435 voting members of the US House of Representatives are up for re-election this year and so are 34 US Senators. As the election nears we thought it might be worthwhile to ask them what they think they have done in response to the autism epidemic.

Before you Take Action on that, please help the Autism Action Network help you by donating as generously as your means allow to our one fundraiser of 2016 that we are running in conjunction with the Autism Community Walk:


Now please click on the Take Action link to send an email to your member of the House and the two US Senators from your state asking them the following question:

What have you done since the last election in your capacity as a member of Congress to help find the causes of autism, develop effective prevention and treatment, improve educational outcomes, and improve the lives of people with autism. Please be specific.

Tomorrow we are going to send you the contact information for your members of Congress so you can call them and ask them the same question.

Please share this message with friends and family and please post to social networks.






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