Whistleblower nurse exposes the hidden medical horror of COVID-19 “protocols”

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by: Lori Clarkson, staff writer @ Natural Health 365 | June 18, 2020
An insiders observations what has been happening at Elmhurst Hospital in New York which is considered the epicenter of the epicenter in America of the alleged pandemic regarding COVID-19.
Please note with emphasis according to the Nobel Laureate, Dr. Kary Mullis,  who won the distinguished award in 1993 as co-inventor of the PCR (polymerase chain reaction) test it was not designed to measure viral activity in the body and in fact was according to Dr. Mullis was being improperly used and misinterpreted in all forms of forensics in both criminology and medical diagnosis.
I repeat what I personally heard him say at a presentation I attended of his where he stated unequivocally that using PCR for viral diagnosis was like playing Russian Roulette by shooting in the sky.
So if the PCR test is not accurate what are people developing symptoms of hypoxia and flu like symptoms actually suffering from.
Famed German epidemiologist Dr. Shakti has stated without hesitation that the underlying causal link to the symptoms being exhibited is related to air pollution more specifically from hydrogen cyaninde related to the oil refinery and fracking industry.
Note the three primary centers outside of the United States in Wuhan, Milan and Madrid are three of the most polluted cities in the world.
Not so ironically the hydroxychloroquine, zinc, anti-biotic therapy being successfully used to treat the symptoms according to Dr. Didier Raoult, the famed French physician and world leader in it’s use as well as Dr. Vladimir Zelenko in the New York area as well as numerous others the treatment protocol which is five days at a cost of $20 total cost is by far and away the single most effect readily available treatment in the United States and around the globe.
According to the data from France the efficacy ratio is 91% and in instances where people are gotten to early enough and are not elderly or immune compromised the results are essentially 100% effective.
Plus there is the issue well established in the literature that during solar minimums there are major increases in seriously debilitating illnesses particularly due to respiratory sickness.
Then again facts and evidence do matter particularly when it appears someone and something has some agenda that has little to nothing to do beyond compliance with an authoritarian state which has devastated the economy and stability around the world.
Is there something going on almost like a war game scenario ala Event 201 in play and at a time when the financial and monetary system appears on the brink?
Food for thought.
Now Nurse Erin on her experiences in Elmhurst Hospital in New York, the epicenter of the epicenter of the COVID-19 pandemic.
Anyone ever see the movie Coma?
And people are being asked to use a mask for what reason?
Is it to make people more susceptible to breathing back into their lungs carbon dioxide making them more vulnerable to future infections?
Could it be some bizarre occult ritual?
And why are mandatory experimental vaccinations being pushed using RNA and consideration of nanowire chips?
Wasn’t the Chairman of the Department of Chemistry at Harvard University, Charles Lieber, just indicted with a charge of five-years and a $250,000 fine for lying about sending vials of something thought to be some strain of coronavirus to China?
And what was Anthony Fauci of NIH’s role in moving strains of coronavirus from University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill into the laboratory in question in Wuhan?
What is biological warfare? 
How is psychological warfare being applied in this case today?
And what is the Tavistock Institute for Medical Psychology?
Not that people of discernment would want to use logic, reason and the capacity to investigate what is actually going on here.
The are more stupid people in the world than any other kind.
Austria’s Axiom
But I digress.
My best

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