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The American Society of Landscape Architects (ASLA) just celebrated World Landscape Architecture Month (WLAM). In an effort to help the public better understand what landscape architecture is this past month, ASLA launched a social media campaign: #WLAM2016. The goal of campaign was to connect the term “landscape architecture” with the actual work of landscape architects in communities. We asked our members, colleagues, and friends to take pictures with cards that read “This Is Landscape Architecture” in front of their favorite designed spaces and post them on social media with #WLAM2016.

In total, 5,000 posts using #WLAM2016 reached nearly 4 million people around the world. People posted images that showed all phases of design and illustrated the breadth of the profession.

Pictures included preliminary sketches and project plans.

Landscape sketch / Studio1619

Landscape sketch / Studio1619

Project Plan - Louis Johnson

Project plan / Louis Johnson

While some featured iconic designed spaces.

Martin Luther King Jr. Memorial, Washington, D.C.

Martin Luther King Jr. Memorial, Washington, D.C. /

Brooklyn Bridge Park / Brooklyn Bridge Park Conservancy

Brooklyn Bridge Park / Brooklyn Bridge Park Conservancy

Others showed off residential work.

Residential - ASLA San Diego

Residential project / San Diego ASLA

There were some in different languages, too.

Pershing Park-Karen Trimbath-Grajales

Pershing Park / Karen Trimbath-Grajales

WLAM demonstrated that social media is an excellent tool for reaching the public and showing them how the profession improves everyday life.

Because social media is a highly visual platform, posting pictures of your finished projects on Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram can not only raise the visibility of your own practice, but also landscape architecture as a whole.

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