zooco estudio reconfigures the bedroom with modulor concept

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‘modulor’ is an interior organization proposal that adapts the bedroom to meet changing lifestyles. developed by spanish zooco estudio, the concept is composed of modular porticoes, organized sequentially in order of daily routines. different color tones and mosaics are paired with functions, distinguishing between structures for sleep, work, leisure, bath, and dressing.

zooco estudio modulor bedroom concept
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based on the level of privacy needed, ‘modulor’ units are either located openly in the room or pushed to peripheral areas. thus, the shower and bed have a cove-like feel that provides a sense of security and public areas receive plentiful sunlight. ‘modulor’ bedroom concept was created by zooco estudio.

public-oriented units are positioned to receive maximum sunlight

buenos dias mosaic on balcony

zooco estudio modulor bedroom concept
the concept proposes an altered bedroom arrangement to meet modern lifestyle needs

positioned sequentially, the units mimic daily routines

zooco estudio modulor bedroom concept
looking through ‘modulor’ units

detail of reading area with workspace and bed in background

zooco estudio modulor bedroom concept
seating close-up

shower and sink module

zooco estudio modulor bedroom concept
shower with mirror wall

green walls placed between balconies bring additional vibrancy to the interior



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