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from the words of Dr. Delores Cahill, Immunologist and Virologist, Ireland
These lockdowns are based upon positive PCR tests.  
But actually in the diagnostic world in PCR you would never diagnose with just a positive or a negative, you actually have to sequence what is the test measuring. 
And there was 1500 PCR tests sequenced in October 2020 and all of them were Influenza A and B not one was SARS-CoV2.  
So the legislation of all the lockdown and the so called pandemic and public health emergency is based on the causative agent being a coronavirus.  
So what I am personally doing is going to sequence PCR from consent from people in Ireland and the UK if those sequences are not SARS-CoV2 which I think would be a biological impossibility in January 2021 that then we can say to the governments and I am intending to take an injunction to the high court in Ireland if the sequences come back as influenza that the government cannot be reporting cases as COVID-19 or coronavirus they have to be influenza and the medical doctors cannot be putting causes of death because they are required to treat people based on whatever the causative agent is and they can be struck off but they can also be sued under medical negligence by people who have false diagnosis.  
But the other thing I am going to initiate is for people who are quarantined like if you cannot to Canada or in Canada if they are using these tests and they are false then these people can sue the ministers and prime ministers and the diagnostic companies and anyone administering the tests and the reason is is that the ministers and prime ministers are spending citizen’s o people’s money and that is under procurement that is and there are commercial contracts and they should be testing whether these tests are testing for SARS-CoV2 or something else if they are spending money and the tests are not testing for the causative agent, SARS-CoV2, then they are engaging in fraud and that is malfeasance in public office which is a crime in Canada, Ireland, UK and America for five to ten years but the Prime Minister can be personally sued because that’s malfeasance, malfeasance in public office so any indemnity that they have had does not apply if they have not done their duty to check if the test was done correct.  
So the way to actually bring down the lockdown is to actually sue personally the person who is requiring you to do the test, the manufacturer of the test, the hospital and the doctor and the advisory committees individually and the ministers and prime ministers.  
And so we will be launching, we may be taking a number of precedence cases but we will be, I was on three Zoom calls yesterday with about 50 countries telling them that every country should be launching the sequencing of the PCR test themselves and we will be spearheading this obviously and I will be.  
But this will actually stop the lockdown worldwide, right, because all of the legislation is caused by SARS-CoV2.  
If that is not the product of the test we have heard from whistle blower’s in America that they detected SARS-CoV2 in the buffer of the PCR test so that would be of course potentially commercial fraud and diagnostic fraud but individual people can sue the doctors and the way to target is is to due them individually or their insurance.


We’re living in two parallel worlds.  Freedom versus tyranny.  And what we are trying to do is not live in a vacuum to build up a world of freedom in parallel and then it’s just a matter in the free market do people want to live at the point of a gun and be coerced into procedures and their children that they don’t want to do or are they happy to defend the procedures in the world of freedom and the free market .
Dr. Delores Cahill
None of this will end until this chain of command of just following orders start to feel the personal legal effects of the actions that they are taking. 
James Corbett, The Corbett Report
There needs to be a push back against tyranny including medical malfeasance, negligence and malpractice the likes that are hard for the average person to even imagine.
The words shouting at the end of horror show called Auschwitz, Buchenwald, Dachau, Treblinka among far too numerous concentration and death camps to imagine there was a call out that said Never Again.
What we are witnessing is some of the greatest fraud in history and minus the power of propaganda resulting in mind control and social engineering people are being led to the slaughterhouse by some of the most heinous criminals the world has ever known.
Please awaken and stop buying the lies, deceptions and tools being used to created fear from artificial chaos.
Life, freedom and human potential depend on it.
One final note and it bears repeating again and again as it is required.
Dr. Kary Mullis, the 1993 Nobel Laureate for his co-discovery of the PCR (polymerase chair reaction) test said with emphasis that the test did NOT test for viruses and to use data claiming otherwise was wrong.  That the test was being miscalculated and misinterpreted.  Dr. Mullis told me personally that shooting a pistol in the air and waiting for the bullet to come down strike the shooter in the head and kill him/her was more likely than PCR testing for any virus.
Tragically and perhaps all too coincidentally Dr. Mullis died in August 2019 just prior to the biowarfare games in Wuhon began, Event 201 happened in New York in October 2019 and the latest patent was awarded to the Pirbright Institute for another coronavirus in November of 2019.
Something massive is going on and it relates to eugenics and guaranteed shareholder profits with limited to no liability.
Some might suggest this is being done by sociopaths and psychopaths and the primary difference between Dr. Mengele’s laboratory at Auschwitz and the private and public laboratories engaged in today’s malfeasance is how the meme is being spun and the manner in which the con is being marketed including so many false stories it baffles the mind.
When science is turned into dogma as if it were religion and anything but science.
Run as far as you can from the m-RNA vaccines which have no safety studies, no double-blind studies and violate all quadrants of Koch’s Postulates.
If you value your life and your DNA stay clear of this oversold spin to confuse and create order out of chaos.
The faces may have changed but the nature of dominant control still rears from the depths of true despotism thus using fear as a force multiplier to secure an agenda that continues to be the way of the truly dysfunctional who likes to play lord of the manner and plantation master of the herd.
Either way it is far better to live in truth than in a world of fantasy and delusion.
And most definitely do not take a PCR test for the faux virus known as COVID-19 and stay as far away as possible not to take any vaccine whose design is to alter human biology, consciousness, free thought and human potential.
Dr. Delores Cahill with James Corbett
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