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In a campaign season in which public insults, tweets and political gaffes grab the biggest headlines, many of the issues and challenges the next president will face are being pushed aside. Here are 15 questions for Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump that the editorial board of The Times and readers have said they’d like answered. Please select the three that are most important to you. The board will pose the most popular questions to both candidates. SEPT. 20, 2016
There are 43 million people living in poverty in this country. What will you do about this?
Health insurance premiums and out-of-pocket costs are rising rapidly. What would you do to control them?
How will you minimize the domestic threat of home-grown terrorists?
Where would you set the limits of surveillance by the U.S. government?
Where has American policy on Syria failed? Should something be done militarily to stop the slaughter?
What evidence-backed measures should be taken to improve the public school experience for every child?
What would your administration do to reduce gun violence and mass shootings?
The racial divide on policing and politics seems wider than ever. How could the next president help turn this around?
What would you do to reduce the extreme income inequality in this country?
What should be done to strengthen the Social Security system so it can keep supporting retirees now and in the future?
Sanctions and global condemnation haven’t deterred North Korea’s nuclear ambitions. What would you do?
How do you plan to get money out of politics?
What specific actions or tactics will you use to fight the Islamic State that the Obama administration hasn’t already tried?
It is widely accepted scientific fact that climate change is real and potentially catastrophic. What specific action will you take in the next four years?
What are three important initiatives you could accomplish despite Congressional gridlock?

You may pick up to three questions.

Illustration by Marie Assenat for The New York Times

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