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Protect our drinking water from fracking.

Don’t let Big Oil and Gas frack our public lands.

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“If Hauter had written this as a novel using the same characters, countries and global intrigue, it would quickly become an international bestseller and a miniseries would soon follow. She describes bigger-than-life captains of industry and colorful small-time scoundrels who play the system for their own gain. There are secret meetings and global conspiracies…a page turner.”
— National Catholic Reporter

A true tale of corruption and greed, Frackopoly: The Battle for the Future of Energy and the Environment exposes how more than 100 years of political influence peddling facilitated the control of our energy system by a handful of corporations and financial institutions. It provides the public policy backstory and the history of deregulation that has turned our communities into sacrifice zones.

Even in such dire circumstances, Frackopoly author Wenonah Hauter is hopeful. People who are sick, tired and fed-up are standing up to the corporations and forcing their policymakers to take action. Frackopoly chronicles the power generated by an exciting grassroots movement that is not only fighting to ban fracking — it is helping to take back our democracy. Buy your copy from a local bookstore today.

What Is Fracking?

Over the past decade a new and controversial energy extraction method known as hydraulic fracturing, or fracking, has rocketed to the forefront of U.S. energy production. With fracking, millions of gallons of water, dangerous chemicals and sand are injected under high pressure deep into the Earth, fracturing hard rock to release oil and gas.

Why Must We Ban Fracking

The rush to fracking is dangerous to the environment and treacherous to human health. Frackopoly is the first book to describe:

  • how the fracking industry began;
  • the technologies that make it possible; and
  • the destruction and poisoning of clean water sources and the release of harmful radiation from deep inside shale deposits, creating “sacrifice zones” across the American landscape.

We Are Living in a Frackopoly

Hauter traveled across continents, interviewing leading experts, activists, and scholars, revealing not only overwhelming evidence of the harm that fracking causes, but also a major groundswell of opposition to the practice in every state and from many different political quarters. With a wealth of new data, Frackopoly is essential and riveting reading for anyone interested in protecting the environment and ensuring a healthy and sustainable future for all Americans.

Your Role in Banning Fracking

We encourage you to support local bookstores. Pre-order a copy of Frackopoly online from an independent bookstore, at your local bookstore, or from any major bookseller.

The movement to ban fracking is growing and victories are won around the world because of your activism. Take action and fight back against the Frackopoly.


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