ACTION ALERT: To Mandatory Vaccination or Not? Get educated!

Apr 1, 2015 by

by Casey Coates Danson

The recent movement and proposed legislation to remove the “personal belief exemption” is an important issue that is running beneath the radar.  The statistics on illnesses caused by certain bundling of vaccines as harmful are staggering and the pressure from pharmaceuticals like Merck need to be investigated.

It is a very complicated issue and I think  we all owe it to our children and their children to get educated on this important health issue and do what we feel best now as there will be a vote in Sacramento on April 15th which will affect us all.

As many of you may have already heard, thumb California Senator Richard Pan and Senator Ben Allen have announced their unfortunate plans to file a bill to eliminate the personal belief exemption in California.

The bill has not been filed yet, for sale so we are asking everyone in California who cares about the right to be able to make informed vaccination decisions for their children, which includes the right to delay or decline a vaccine, to immediately contact their offices with the request for them to not file the bill. Please educate them as to why personal and religious exemptions to mandated vaccinations are important to your family.

It is also critically important that you quickly contact your State Senator and State Assembly Member and Governor Brown to ask them to support maintaining non-medical belief exemptions to mandatory vaccinations in California and to oppose any effort to repeal or further restrict non-medical exemptions.

The passage of any bill to repeal the personal belief exemption will create an even more hostile environment for California families who don’t agree with safety, efficacy, or necessity of every single dose of every single government mandated vaccine.

If the California Legislature eliminates the personal belief exemption, the only option left for parents will be medical exemptions that must be signed by a licensed physician.

Do not put this off thinking somebody else will do it. If this issue is important to you, make the time to educate your legislators because if you don’t, the only information they are getting is the pharma/medical lobby funded forced vaccination agenda that has been responsible for instigating the current frenzy in the media.

Do not let these decisions be made for you by those whose power, positions or profit are dependent on forced vaccination. 

LEGISLATIVE EDUCATION ACTION NEEDED NOW1)  Contact Senator Pan and Senator Allen through his aide and ask them not file a bill to eliminate or further restrict exemptions to mandatory vaccinations and explain why this is important to your family.


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