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    Last week we asked you to send a message to your members of Congress asking them to support Rep. Bill Posey’s bill, HR 3615 calling for the first ever federal study comparing the overall health of a vaccinated population and an unvaccinated population.  Today please call your members of Congress at their district offices, and politely ask your member of the House of Representatives to co-sponsor Rep. Posey’s Bill, and ask your two Senators to introduce similar legislation in the Senate. The contact numbers at their primary district offices should appear below:
Rep. Ted Lieu (323) 651-1040
Sen. Dianne Feinstein  (415) 393-0707
Sen. Kamala D. Harris  (213) 894-5000
   And please click on the link below above to send a message to your member of the House of Representatives asking him or her to co-sponsor Rep. Posey’s H.R. 3615. A message will also be sent to your two US Senators from your state asking them to introduce a similar bill in the US Senate.
     HR 3615, directs the Secretary of Health and Human Services “to conduct or support a comprehensive study comparing total health outcomes, including risk of autism, in vaccinated populations in the United States with such outcomes in unvaccinated populations in the United States, and for other purposes.” We believe such a study is long overdue and you have to wonder why such a study was never done.
     The number of vaccines given to American children has quintupled since 1986 when doctors and vaccine companies were given complete legal immunity from any injury caused by a vaccine. Since then we have seen an explosion in the prevalence of a wide range of pediatric disorders associated with immune system dysfunction including diabetes, rheumatoid arthritis, allergies, asthma, ADHD, as well as autism. Yet the US has never taken a hard look at the health outcomes with a vaccinated and unvaccinated population.
    Here is a video of Rep. Posey extracting confirmation from Dr. Colleen Boyle, Director of the National Center on Birth Defects and Developmental Disabilities, that these studies have never been done, at a hearing of the House Oversight & Government Reform Committee on November 29, 2012.
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