Awakening Women – The Next Phase of the Ascension

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By Stacy Vajta

Guest writer for Wake Up World

For years now, we have collectively been shifting our consciousness. “The Shift” or “The Awakening” is something that in spiritual circles is familiar.

Healers, lightworkers, empaths and those on a spiritual journey have been hit hard over the last 12 years or so. I say “hit hard” because the growth that this awakening brings is often deep and completely transformative when put into action in the world.

I’ve been working with those who have been on the front lines of this shift in consciousness for over a decade now. There’s a foundation that’s been set. For the most part it was the healers and lightworkers who were in the throes of all this ascension energy… and then Donald Trump’s election happened.

I’m not going to get into politics, but I will say this: a massive door opened with that election, and immediately – I mean literally the next day – I had my marching orders as to who I was to work with. A whole new group of people were stepping up onto the ascension platform; women – everyday women – who now have a whole lot to say.

There has been a clear re-emergence of the powerful feminine archetype showing up in the last year. She has been biding her time over the years as “the Shift” has been creating its foundation.

What has awakened recently is powerful.

Women everywhere are showing up and stepping up into their power. And although there is a spiritual level to this shift, it’s not like what happened when the healers underwent their own transformation.

Call that phase 1.

The conversations I am having with people who are being thrown into this new energy and their own personal transformation is not about grids and light language. It’s about personal power; it’s about re-aligning and re-positioning themselves in their relationship, the work force and their communities to show up as leaders who hold Divine Feminine Wisdom.

It’s called “The Awakening” for a reason.

True to form, what’s happening to so many people – and I dare say so, many women – is that they are almost literally waking up and realizing that what they are doing is now long longer “it.” They are recognizing that their wisdom must be put to better use… to serve and change the world.  And thus, there are a whole lot of “everyday women” ready to make an ambitious change, and leap into something new. Many don’t know what exactly. Or if they do, they don’t quite know how to get there. It’s at this point that one’s personal shift can either stall out or explode into greatness.

Realize that your awakening process is not “just” a change.


If you can see your need to grow for what it is – you taking a step in your own spiritual evolution to reposition yourself into more authenticity, personal power and purpose – you can use the energy behind this level of growth to fuel the process.

Bigger is better here. Playing small will stall you out.

There’s a message that keeps coming through from my Guides that the transformation that so many women are moving into right now must be put into action. This is not about sitting and meditating (although that will help!)

What it’s about is, moving your wisdom out into the world through what you do.

The change that is being ushered into your life is not “just” a change in job or relationship or location. It’s you up-leveling into a bigger version of yourself and positioning yourself to have a greater impact.

That impact comes by you modeling your mojo. You create that impact by stepping into your authentic self and getting out there in the world in some more aligned way, with a bigger voice.

Work through the fear.

At first glance this process can be terrifying. Confusion around what direction you are to take is often the launching pad to this journey. And fear seeps in, especially if you can’t see the bigger version of you down the road, and what life looks like from that perspective.

Again, the message is: go bigger. Stepping into that greatest version of you will ease the confusion and the fear. You’ve got to get out of your box – what’s known to you – to even begin to see what you need to see. If you can’t, you will simply create more of the same.

How do you get there?

Well, it’s time to break through the limiting beliefs that you have of yourself and find that bigger version of who you are.

It’s time to listen to your intuition and realize it can be a factor in your success. Learning how to connect into your own inner wisdom and then creating a bridge from that into the right action is vital to your process and your own success these days.

And, it’s time to reach for what you desire… and show up to that.

There’s healing in saying yes to this as a process. And, there may be work to do so you can vibrationally hold this level of personal power and see yourself in this bigger way.

Seeing so many women right now claim their own message and purpose in life is inspiring. There is a new energy in play, for sure. It’s feminine and powerful; it’s creating a wave of heart-felt ambitious women ready to show up and create change.

If you find yourself standing on this new platform, realizing that you too have something bigger to do and that your voice is needed to help shape your world – the world – then it’s time to leap.

Find your “new self” then put yourself out there.

Artwork: by Guy Wonder.

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Stacy Vajta is a transformational coach and intuitive healer, with over 30 years experience working with people to break through the core patterns that hold them back from living a life they love. Her work is a blend of powerful long-distance energy healing, intuitive work, coaching and mentoring, all designed to help you clarify what’s going on, break through what has you stuck and create an easier way to move you forward.

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