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Just the tax, ma’am

And they want to tear down Obama’s climate plan in the process.

A coalition of GOP elder statesmen, including former secretaries of state James Baker and George Shultz, is pushingnew climate strategy with four tenets:

  • a gradually rising carbon tax
  • dividends to return all tax revenue to citizens
  • “border adjustment” fees to raise the cost of goods from countries that don’t price carbon
  • repeal of EPA regulations on carbon dioxide, most notably the Clean Power Plan

The group will introduce its proposal at a press conference on Wednesday and then meet with members of the Trump administration.

“Mounting evidence of climate change is growing too strong to ignore,” the group writes, but it still hedges by adding, “the extent to which climate change is due to man-made causes can be questioned.”

Other conservatives have lobbied for a carbon tax in the past, but this is the highest-profile such effort. Proponents think it could appeal to lovers of limited government.

It is not likely to appeal to liberal environmentalists, who won’t want to give up EPA regulatory power or rebate all tax revenue to citizens. In November, Washington state voters rejectedcarbon tax that environmental justice advocates said didn’t invest enough revenue in climate solutions and marginalized communities.

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