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The Republican Party, and specifically Paul Ryan have no respect for seniors who helped this great country. Ryan and his group of villains want to make healthcare less affordable for seniors, and if it is unaffordable, too bad.

The American Association of Retired Persons (AARP) opposes Republican moves to make healthcare costlier with less coverage. Republican efforts to gut Medicare basically tells seniors to stay well or die.

The AARP represents millions of seniors in the United States. Its president, Eric J. Schneidewind, in a Time magazine article, made it clear to seniors the problems that they face from the Republican Party.

Under Ryan’s plan, seniors would receive vouchers to purchase health insurance from the private sector. According to Schneidewind, this would be a substantial downgrade of the “benefits people have earned throughout their working lives.”

Seniors earned these benefits by paying for them. For years, workers had Medicare money deducted from hard-earned paychecks to assure health care during their retirement years.

And where did this money go? Why does Medicare need to be changed if millions of Americans paid into the system for decades?

These are questions that go unanswered. It makes one wonder if Republicans used Medicare funds, as they did Social Security funds, to fight wars or offset tax cuts for the wealthy.

Republicans like to falsely claim that Medicare is going broke.  Both the Congressional Budget Office and the Medicare Trustees Report say that Medicare is fully funded through 2029 and 79% funded until 2040. It is ludicrous to dismantle the system now instead of experimenting with other ways to save the system.

 Other evil Republican plans would have seniors paying more out-of-pocket expenses for care or paying drastically higher costs. In many cases, seniors would need to decide on medical care or life’s basic needs, like food and shelter.

The real truth is that Republicans hate successful governmental agencies. They want to privatize everything so that the wealthy individuals who paid for their elections and votes can become wealthier by snatching up the remnants of the governmental programs.

Greed and subservience to financial masters have no limits as far as Republicans go.

Both seniors and current workers contribute to Medicare through payroll deductions. It is both fair and good business that everyone gets what he or she paid into for decades. There are also many efforts, led by Bernie Sanders and Democrats, to save the current system.

Republican efforts to dismantle Medicare so that their handlers can become wealthier must stop. Seniors deserve the treatment for which they paid during their golden years.

For Ryan and his cast of villains to make seniors choose between healthcare and eating is evil and heartless. We must not let this happen.

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