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Republicans Prove Their Mass Shootings Talking Points Are Smoke and Mirrors

Senate Republicans Monday morning passed legislation that allows people who are severely mentally impaired to purchase guns. The final vote was 57-43. House Republicans passed a companion bill two weeks ago. The legislation will go to President Trump’s desk, where he is expected to sign it.

The NRA-backed legislation rolls back a regulation put in place by President Barack Obama that adds a step to the gun background check process, requiring the Social Security Administration to check to see if the purchaser is receiving benefits after being deemed unable to hold a job and care for themselves due to mental impairment. About 75,000 people are affected.

Earlier this month the House bill passed almost entirely along party lines.

Nine out of ten Americans want stronger background checks for gun purchases and want the gun show loophole closed, but Republicans in both the House and Senate refuse to comply. Instead, the GOP insists efforts to work on mental health issues should be the course of action to take. This action proves Republicans don’t even believe their own their talking points, and won’t even pretend to act on them.

After the House passage of the bill two weeks ago, Republican Senator John Barrasso of Wyoming defended the legislation by saying, as Raw Story reported:

“You can take a look at what the Constitution says, which is what I do. As a physician who’s spent lots of time dealing with patients with all different backgrounds, there are clearly people who have been labeled one way or another, and I’m not comfortable with midnight regulations by the president.”

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