Can Entrepreneurship Save the Planet?

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Watch a clip of the new documentary ‘Time to Choose’ from Oscar-winning filmmaker Charles Ferguson.

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Climate change is the greatest crisis that humanity faces, and an opportunity to implement radical changes in infrastructure.

Academy Award-winning documentary director Charles Ferguson’s new film TIME TO CHOOSE captures the scope of global innovation in response to climate change. In our journey to create a sustainable future and world for the better, Ferguson investigates the steps we can take to stop the global threat.

The films’ scope across five continents, investigates the costs of fossil fuels and industrialized agriculture – and their drivers. From the poisoned waters of Appalachia, dangerous coal pits of China, deforestation in Indonesia the red night skies of Nigeria’s gas lands, the effects of climate change are widespread and film investigates them all.

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TIME TO CHOOSE features notable entrepreneurs, innovators, and legislators including Lyndon Rive, CEO of SolarCity, Nobel Prize winner Mohammed Yunus, Dr. Jane Goodall and Governor Jerry Brown discussing their plans to combat climate change – as well as regular people from around the world.

“I made TIME TO CHOOSE because climate change is the most important issue facing humanity and we urgently need broader understanding of how enormously we would all benefit from addressing it. Fortunately it is a challenge that we hold in common, and the film shows that across the globe, in myriad ways, people are coming together to find and implement solutions,” said Ferguson.

So where does that lead us?

“I think it’s important for people to understand that the corruption, inequality and violence faced by many people the world over are tied to the pollution, waste and destruction that are fueling climate change. If we solve one, we help solve the other,” Ferguson explained.

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The most surprising thing about his journey?

“We saw [solutions] in places as diverse as Indonesia, Kenya, China, Western Europe and California,”  Ferguson reported. “My most surprising discovery in making this film is also the most crucial fact about this issue: the solutions to climate change are already here, waiting for us.”

“Time to Choose” premieres nationwide June 3, 2016.

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