Can New 5G Technology and Smart Meters be Used as Weapons?

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     by John P. Thomas      Health Impact News


Promoted as beneficial technology for electric consumers and marketed to satisfy the public’s never-ending demand for faster internet communication, the combination of the new 5G microwave technology and smart meters might just become an all-in-one weapons and surveillance system.

This technology, when fully implemented, could intrude into people’s privacy by revealing their location to those who want to know where and when someone travels. In addition to tracking one’s movements, it has the potential for providing access to everything one does with cell phones, computers, or other electronic devices that are in our homes.

Beyond the intrusion into our private lives, it could be used to alter the way one thinks, used to weaken one’s health, and even used to facilitate death.

Undoubtedly the rationalization of using this technology in such a way would be to fight “terrorism.” But what would stop law enforcement and government agencies from using it against U.S. citizens who are political dissidents, or oppose the government’s position on issues like mandatory vaccines, or GMO foods, for example?

Before I go on to explain how such claims could be true, I want to thank two people who commented on my first article on 5G technology. Their comments propelled me to begin my own research on the dark and shady side of 5G cellular communication and smart meters. This is a portion of the comments that these readers shared by using the “Join the Discussion” link on the article.

Our readers stated:

[Commenter 1:] Thanks for this illuminating article. Unfortunately, it is also true that 5G millimeter wave technology is being used for crowd control and defense purposes by the army in its ‘Active Denial System.’ Though many deny the health and biological effects of directed energy beam technologies as well as the indiscriminate atmospheric pollution from wireless microwaves, there is a reason the defense departments of many countries are developing these types of weapons.

[Commenter 2:] 5G can also use “spot beam” technology where bandwidth is increased by focusing a personal beam of RF at your device at a distance. This is done through phased array antennas on the tower. [1]

The Focus of this Article: How 5G and Smart Meter Technology Could be Used as Weapons

Metal antenna symbol with letters 5G on white

This is part 3 of a series on 5G and smart meters. See the first two articles:

New 5G Cell Towers and Smart Meters to Increase Microwave Radiation – Invade Privacy

Telecom Companies are Going Green, but Their Version of Green will cause Illness and Death

by John P. Thomas
Health Impact News

When the Federal Communication Commission (FCC) approved the use of 5-G microwave communication technology in 2016 and approved the use of microwave frequencies in the 30 Ghz range, [1], they opened the door to even higher levels of human illness and severe disability for American children and adults.

Microwave radiation such as that currently being used in cell phones, Wi-Fi routers, and smart meters has already been linked to numerous health effects.

The introduction of even more intense levels of microwave exposure at higher frequencies will push many people into life-threatening chronic illness. High frequency microwave radiation is often overlooked as a causative factor in illness, because most conventional healthcare providers, government regulators, telecom companies, and electric utilities believe microwave radiation used in communication technology is harmless. [2]

Despite the warnings being raised by scientists, well informed healthcare providers, and grassroots organizations about existing and future microwave hazards, [3, 4, 5] telecom companies are planning to implement 5G technology throughout every urban area in America. They are already testing this new generation wireless telecommunication infrastructure in Boston, Austin, Palo Alto, and Mountain View California. [6, 7]

In a January 2017 announcement, AT&T described their plan for future technology deployment. The announcement stated:

Our 5G Evolution plans will pave the way to the next-generation of higher speeds for customers. We’re not waiting until the final standards are set to lay the foundation for our evolution to 5G. We’re executing now,” said John Donovan, chief strategy officer and group president, Technology and Operations. [8] [emphasis added]

The Battle to Implement 5G has begun in California

Metal antenna symbol with letters 5G on white

Proposed legislation in California would permit telecom companies to erect 50,000 new microwave antennas in residential and commercial areas without municipal approval.

The 5G microwave antennas would be placed on top of existing utility poles or on public infrastructure such as schools, libraries, bus shelters, and in public parks. The placement of this equipment will be at the discretion of the telecom companies. [9, 10, 11]

Health Dangers of Microwave Radiation have been Well Documented

The symptoms of microwave radiation exposure include fatigue, headaches, heart palpitations, high pitched ringing in the ears, dizziness, disturbed sleep at night, sleepiness in daytime, moodiness, irritability, unsociability, feelings of fear, anxiety, nervous tension, mental depression, memory impairment, pain in muscles, pain in the region of the heart, and breathing difficulties, to name a few.

Inflammation (caused by excess histamine in the blood), oxidative stress, autoimmune responses, reduced blood flow to the region of the thalamus, pathologic leakage of the blood-brain barrier, and a deficit in melatonin metabolic availability have all been observed.

There is evidence that existing and new frequencies of microwave radiation are associated with cancer, heart disease, neurological dysfunction, immune system suppression, cataracts of the eyes, and sperm malformation. [12, 13]

5G Microwaves have Harmful Biological Effects

In her testimony before the California legislature, Dr. Ann Lee, M.D., indicated that there are 20,000 well established scientific studies on the bio-effects of radio frequency radiation.

She confirmed that microwave radiation such as that from the proposed 5G wireless facilities that would be deployed in California has been shown to cause neurological damage, cardiac dysfunction, reproductive harm, immune compromises, and cancer. [14]

Dr. Ronald Powell, Ph.D., expands upon these concerns. Dr. Powell received his doctorate in Applied Physics from Harvard University in 1975, and has worked for the National Science Foundation and the National Institute of Standards on energy policy research and R&D program evaluation.

He is uniquely qualified to interpret the junction between the physics of electromagnetic fields and the biological effects these fields produce. [15]

In a letter to the FCC, Dr. Ronald Powell stated:

It would greatly extend FCC’s current policy of the mandatory irradiation of the public without adequate prior study of the potential health impact and assurance of safety. It would irradiate everyone, including the most vulnerable to harm from radio frequency radiation: pregnant women, unborn children, young children, teenagers, men of reproductive age, the elderly, the disabled, and the chronically ill. [16]

AT&T: Let Us Install Microwave Transmitter on Your Home or Lose Service

Now that more than 50% of homes are wireless, telecom companies plan to abandon copper phone lines used for their phone service and create a wireless phone system. For example, Michigan has passed a law permitting this, and AT&T is working with all 21 states in its service territory to bring this about. [17, 18, 19]

As an alternative to the wired system, telecom companies plan to install wireless microwave transmitters on homes as a method of providing traditional phone service. In the case of AT&T customers, the only way you will be able to prevent them from installing such devices on your home is to remove AT&T as your service provider. [20]

In addition, telecom companies plan to install microwave antennas on top of electrical power poles near homes and businesses, and on top of public buildings throughout every urban area and in every neighborhood.

California Legislators Consider Bill to Allow More Microwave Radiation

But this is not just about offensive looking antennas!

Nina Beety described the situation in the article she wrote for She is the moderator of the Wireless Radiation Alert Network and distributes her research about the harmful effects of electromagnetic fields and the dangers of smart meters on her website,

Nina Beety stated:

Spaced approximately every 10-20 homes, cell antennas will hang in one or more clusters on utility or light poles. Equipment cabinets the size of refrigerators, with cooling fans and back-up generators, will sit on sidewalks. Towers will be located in the public right of way a few feet from bedroom windows, offices, schools, hospitals and nursing homes.

Called “small cells,” there is little difference in size for many of these antennas; the chief difference is the location on utility poles versus large towers. Measurements of these cell towers recently taken in Palo Alto found high levels of radiation on the sidewalk below them — levels higher than those associated in research with breaches in the blood-brain barrier, free radical formation, DNA damage, cancer and tumors, and heart rhythm disturbances. [21]

Nina Beety is specifically describing the proposed system that would be implemented in California if the telecom companies get their way. Currently, a bill permitting the establishment of the 5G system has been passed by the California Senate. A legislative committee will be considering the bill on July 12, 2017. A rally at the State House in Sacramento is planned for July 12th. Please see the following urgent call for action and related links for the details.

Urgent Call to Action for Californians

The announcement from states:

The Assembly Local Government Committee voted 6-1 to approve SB 649 on Wednesday June 28th (even after hearing the below testimony). It goes next to the Communications and Conveyance Committee at 1:30pm on July 12th. People are coming from all over the state to be there on this day to speak out against SB 649, including mayors, and regular people opposed to the bill. Will you be one of them? [23]

More details about SB 649 and the rally in Sacramento can be found here.

Dr. Ann Lee, M.D., testifies about the Dangers of the Proposed 5G Network:

10-Year Old Child Testifies about how Wireless Communications Equipment Affects His Heart:

Nina Beety’s Testimony about the Proposed 5G System from the Perspective of an EMF Disabled


Why do Telecom Companies Want a 5G Network? The Merging of Telecommunications with Electric Utilities

Telecom giants plan to take their 5G technology nationwide. It is part of a long-term plan to integrate telecom activities with electrical service providers. A 2015 white paper written by telecom companies, electric utilities, and technology developers published in the European Union describes their vision for the future.

As I interpret the images that these European visionaries are creating, I believe they are foreseeing a day when electrical power production and distribution will be controlled by the 5G network.

In this future vision, large-scale power production facilities will be replaced by hundreds of thousands of small power producers, which could even include personal power production in our homes from solar and wind.

Centralized Power and Control

Smart phone Tablet Smartwatch and Internet of things concept.Smart Home Technology Internet networking concept. Internet of things/Smart home automation

Wireless technology allows you more control of your home, but at what cost?

The 5G system will monitor not just consumption of power, but will monitor and control the redistribution of electrical power across the entire electrical grid.

The 5G network will be the nerves and sense organs of a massive organism that has a central brain somewhere, which controls all forms of information exchange and electric utilization/production.

Electricity will be used for all aspects of household and business activities, and the 5G network and its centralized brain will control everything. [24]

In the beginning, the speed of the 5G network will be marketed to consumers and businesses who want super-fast internet service. This will allow for instant access to videos and webpages with as little as a 5-millisecond delay from the moment a start button is pressed.

Transmission speeds will be hundreds of times faster than current internet connections. It will be so fast that it will be able to instantaneously project images on the lenses of smart enabled eye glasses to create virtual reality images that blend with the environment.

People will be able to watch videos or even read email simply by looking through the lenses of their glasses. The speed will be so phenomenal that it will make available self-driving cars, which can safely drive passengers to their destinations. [25]

Ultimately, the greatest benefit of the 5G system will be for utility companies. It will give them the ability to take total control of electric production, distribution, and consumption.

Smart Meters and Smart Appliances: Your Home is no Longer Private

Electric meter. Metering of electricity. Isolated. White background.

New Smart Meters.

The smart meters that electric utilities are now installing throughout the U.S. are the nerve endings for what will become a highly complex centrally controlled information and energy exchange system.

The 5G network will use the smart meter system (being implemented throughout the U.S.) and the new generation of smart appliances to reach into our homes and make decisions for us.

Current smart meter technology enables electric utilities to read electric meters without sending a human being to physically read the meters.

Electric providers have been quietly installing these smart meters throughout the U.S. They insist that these meters are harmless even though they broadcast intense bursts of high frequency microwave radiation several times per minute 24-hours per day every day.

Currently, smart meters record electric consumption and transmit the information to the utility company for billing and electric distribution purposes.

The bursts of microwaves are used to communicate with other smart meters in the neighborhood and with wireless routers mounted on top of electric poles. The routers send even more powerful microwave signals several thousand times per hour to the utility company.

Smart appliances such as heating/cooling equipment, washers/dryers, refrigerators/freezers, stoves/microwave ovens, dishwashers, hot water heaters, and even electric coffee makers will each be able to broadcast and receive microwave signals.

These appliances and our smart meters will constantly communicate with one another all day long and all night long – they will never stop transmitting microwave radiation.

Everything that uses electricity will be potentially monitored and controlled by the power companies.

If desired, the electric providers can even independently turn off any appliance they wish whenever they wish to conserve energy consumption. [26, 27]

The need for smart appliances will be a boon for appliance manufacturers and microwave technology producers. The fusion of 5G with the electrical grid will require everyone to buy new appliances that are smart meter enabled or have our existing appliances retrofitted with microwave transmitters.

Is it Green or Just a Way for Corporations to Make More Money and Control Our Lives?

Solar panel and wind power generation system for home infographic. Simplified diagram of an off-grid system. Wind turbine, solar panel, battery, charge controller and inverter. Vector.

The 5G system goes hand-in-hand with the smart meter system. Together, these systems will be used to create “smart cities.”

These cities will be blanketed in high frequency microwave radiation and will provide the means for enabling a wide variety of new technology.

It is considered to be part of the green revolution. It is part of national technology priorities that were established at the beginning of the first Obama administration. [28]

It is green, because the technology will allow utility providers to closely control energy usage and implement billing systems that will benefit those who reduce energy consumption.

During times of peak energy usage, they will be able to control our appliances and even cut off certain appliances, so that available energy can be directed to high priority uses.

Such a system would supposedly prevent the need for building additional power production facilities, thus avoiding additional fossil fuel emissions or the creation of additional nuclear waste.

It is green, because telecom companies will no longer need to maintain thousands of miles of copper phone lines and switching equipment. Even though the telecom companies will discontinue the network of copper wire, they will still be using fiber optics for some activities.

There are Serious Health Risks Beyond the 5G Hype

As exciting as a future of blended telecommunications and electrical service technology might be for corporations and some consumers, there are very serious health risks, which the FDA and corporations are ignoring.

They believe that microwave technology used for communication does not affect human health. They believe that it doesn’t matter how much microwave radiation is put into the air and what frequencies are used to transmit information.

It doesn’t matter, because the single criterion that they use to judge safety is not affected by the new 5G system.

The criterion that is of interest to regulators is heating. Does the technology cause the human body to heat up and is that heating excessive? [29]

Almost anyone who has spoken on a cell phone pressed against their ear for a long phone call will notice that their ear and even the side of their head will feel warm by the time they end the call.

This is the heating effect of microwaves. This is why iPhones come with a warning to keep the phone 15 mm away from the body. [30]

Microwave Radiation Produces Cellular Disruption Even if it is Not Felt

At the beginning of this article, I mentioned a long list of health effects, medical conditions, and chronic illnesses that are associated with microwave exposure.

I plan to look at this research in more detail in my next article. I will address the effect of microwave radiation on heart function and nerve function, and examine the reality of electromagnetic hypersensitivity, which is already disabling hundreds of thousands of people in the U.S. even before the 5G network is implemented.

At this point, I want to finish up with a powerful quote from a recent article on anxiety disorders prepared by Dr. Joseph Mercola, D.O.

In part, the article mentioned microwave exposure as being a potential contributing factor for anxiety disorders. These comments offer additional evidence that the health effects of microwave exposure are profound and are being completely overlooked by regulators.

Dr. Mercola’s article stated:

Due to the pioneering work of Dr. Martin Pall, we know that voltage gated calcium channels are over 7 million times more sensitive to microwave radiation than the charged particles inside and outside our cells. This means that the safety standards for this exposure are off by a factor of 7 million.

When the EMF from the above listed devices [cellphones and cordless phones, Wi-Fi routers, baby monitors, smart meters and cellphone towers] hit your voltage gated calcium channels, nearly 1 million calcium ions per second are released into the cell, which then causes the cell to release excessive nitric oxide that then combines with superoxide to form peroxynitrate, which then forms the dangerous hydroxyl free radical that causes massive mitochondrial dysfunction.

Guess which tissues have the greatest density of voltage gated calcium channels? Your nerves and tissues, like the pacemaker in your heart and, of course, your brain. When the channels in the brain are activated, it causes a major disruption in neurotransmitter and hormonal balance that can radically increase the risk for not only anxiety and depression but arrhythmias, autism and Alzheimer’s. [31]

Final Question: Is the Technology Worth the Harm to Our Health and Loss of Privacy?

Smart Grid concept Industrial and smart grid devices in a connected network. Renewable Energy and Smart Grid Technology Smart city design with future technology for living.

There is a very basic question that we must all consider.

Are the dreams of mega-corporations to create smart cities saturated in high frequency microwave electromagnetic fields worth the harm that this technology will create for the people who live in those cities?

In smart cities, no one will be exempt from microwave exposure. We won’t be able to opt out, because the 5G microwave system is designed to reach every space in a city.

Those who experience microwave related illness and disability will have few options. They will either stay in the smart city and stay sick or they will need to try to find a place to live in some sparsely populated off the grid location where the 5G system does not reach.

Which future do you want for America? Super-fast internet and corporate control of every aspect of your life, or good health and longevity?

About the Author

John P. Thomas is a health writer for Health Impact News. He holds a B.A. in Psychology from the University of Michigan, and a Master of Science in Public Health (M.S.P.H.) from the School of Public Health, Department of Health Administration, at the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill.


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Smart Meters: Countdown to a National Crisis of Illness and Death


by John P. Thomas
Health Impact News

Electric utility companies are in the process of installing smart meters at all of their customer locations, which are making thousands of their customers sick. These meters emit microwave radiation in the 900+ megahertz frequency band, which is known to cause weakness, fatigue, sleep disturbances, heart palpitations, ringing in the ears, pain, and immune system disruption. These smart meters broadcast intense bursts of microwave radiation through the air many times per minute, 24-hours a day. [1, 2, 3, 4]

Smart meters also add high frequency electromagnetic radiation in the kilohertz frequency band to the electrical wiring of every building where they are attached. This electromagnetic radiation is also harmful. It turns the electric wiring in buildings into giant antennas that fill the interior spaces with radiation frequencies that are known to alter human biological functioning. These same frequencies are used in medical research to block the activity of nerves. [5]

The nationwide installation of smart meters is like a time bomb ticking, because the harmful effects are cumulative — it can take 5 or 10 years of exposure to evoke a life-threatening illness.

At some point, it will not be thousands who suffer from electromagnetic radiation sickness, but there will be an explosion of illness. There will be millions of people who are experiencing chronic disability and fatal illness from exposure that spanned many decades. [6]

The current epidemics of cancer, heart disease, diabetes and even autism will intensify until very few of us will be able to escape these devastating illnesses. Others will suffer for decades with chronic fatigue, unexplained anxiety, and attention deficits until a life-threatening illness makes its ugly appearance.

It is true that the majority of people feel nothing when exposed to electromagnetic radiation such as microwave transmissions from smart meters and cell phones. Even if people can’t identify reactions to this exposure, proteins within their cells are being permanently altered. [7]

At present, very few healthcare providers in the conventional medical system consider electromagnetic exposure to be causative for the diseases they treat. They are either unaware of the scientific research on electromagnetic radiation and illness or they are skeptics who don’t believe that unseen and unfelt electromagnetic radiation can have an effect upon the bodies and minds of their patients.

Most continue to use pharmaceuticals designed to eliminate acute symptoms, when their patients are actually suffering from chronic illnesses linked to electromagnetic radiation exposure, which can only be fixed by reducing exposure.

It is estimated that 80% of modern chronic illnesses are caused by or influenced by long-term exposure to sources of electromagnetic radiation such as cell phones, cell towers, Wi-Fi routers, baby monitors, cordless phone base stations, Bluetooth devices, smart meters, and dozens of other wireless devices that are used every day by Americans.

By far, smart meters are the worst offenders in this list. The combined electromagnetic radiation from these devices is evoking modern illnesses and disabling us at a level that has never been seen before, because these levels of exposure have never been experienced by human beings before. [8]

Smart Meters are Coming to Every Neighborhood in America

The previous article in this series described the relationship between the roll out of smart meters by utility companies and the roll out of the 5G cellular communication network that telecom companies are planning to install throughout the United States.

If you don’t currently have one or more smart meters on your home, then be aware that plans are being made to change that situation for you. Please use this link to read the first article.

New 5G Cell Towers and Smart Meters to Increase Microwave Radiation – Invade Privacy

Which Utility Companies Use Smart Meters?

In addition to smart meters collecting information for electric utilities, they may soon be used by natural gas providers and public water districts.

Thus, some homes may eventually have three smart meters broadcasting electromagnetic radiation 24-hours a day.

Utility Companies are Lying about how often Smart Meters Broadcast Microwaves

Warren Woodward Smart Meter

Utility companies want us to believe that their smart meters only broadcast information once a day or only once every 4 hours.

This simply is not true. They actually broadcast intense levels of microwave radiation several times per minute – they never stop – up to 190,000 times per day. [9]

The following video by Warren Woodward records the constant pulsing broadcasts of a smart meter owned by Navopache Electric Cooperative in Arizona.

I am not targeting this electric provider – they just happened to be the owner of the smart meter that appears in the following video.

This is typical for all smart meter performance, though some are reported to have much higher levels of transmission.

As you will see, microwave bursts are frequent and unpredictable.

Navopache Caught Lying – YouTube (1 minute 41 seconds)

Smart Meters More Dangerous than Cell Towers and other Devices

Warren Woodward measuring smart meters

In the following video clip, Warren Woodward measures the density of microwave radiation from cell towers and compares the measurement to microwave radiation from smart meters.

The constant activity of cell towers had a reading of 1,800 microwatts per meter squared, while the bank of smart meters that he measured had bursts of microwave radiation with density readings ranging from 15,000 to 38,900 microwatts per meter squared. (Measurements were taken on smart meters owned by Arizona Public Service Electric Company, APS.)

APS Caught Lying – YouTube

The term “density” describes the amount of electromagnetic radiation that passes through a square centimeter or square meter.

The density is primarily determined by two factors: (1) the distance between a person and the source of the electromagnetic transmission and (2) the strength of the transmission at the source.

This means that if a person is exposed to microwave radiation from two sources that have the same transmitting strength, but one source is close and the other is far away, then the nearer source will have much higher density.

The higher the density – the higher the exposure. The higher the exposure, the higher the risks of harm to human health. Of course, the length of exposure is also important as is the specific frequency of the transmission. There are risks associated with both long-term continuous exposure at low levels and short-term high levels of exposure.

The preceding video clearly demonstrates that, based on proximity, the smart meters produce much higher microwave density than cell towers. People who have smart meters, for example, on their homes or even worse on the wall of a bedroom, are at serious risk, because the density of their microwave radiation exposure is much higher than from distant cell towers.

Real World Examples of Illness Caused by Smart Meters

Dr. Darren Schmidt, a chiropractor from Ann Arbor, Michigan, has worked with patients with numerous health problems. [10] He specializes in using nutritional approaches to help people with their healing. His work with electromagnetic radiation exposure began with helping people who are exposed to electromagnetic fields and frequencies from the computer equipment they use. Eventually he came to understand that smart meters are an even greater concern.

Dr. Schmidt stated:

I started using our testing procedures and sure enough I found that people who spend more than 4 hours per day in front of a computer are tired because of it. The brain gets tired, their eyes get tired –this takes energy out of the body. For about three years I looked for supplements that would fix this – and there are none. There are no supplements that fix hypersensitivity to EMF and radio frequencies. I found supplements that would work for three months, maybe, but then the problem would come back.

But I did discover that there are underlying conditions that can be addressed over the course of 6 months to a year. I am specifically talking about heavy metal toxicity. So, if you have [metal] fillings in your teeth or have heavy metals stuck in your body, those metals in your organs such as mercury and aluminum … act as an antenna which attract EMFs to the body. [11]

In the following video, Dr. Schmidt presents several case studies and experiments that highlight the specific effects of microwave exposure on the parasympathetic and sympathetic nervous system, diabetes, blood pressure, cancer, asthma, and heart rate. His entire presentation is interesting if you are willing to take the time to watch the 22 minute presentation. You could begin watching at 9 minutes and 40 seconds to just hear about his case studies.

Dr. Darren Schmidt, How Smart Meters Affect Your Body, YouTube

Let’s Take a Closer Look at How Smart Meters Affect the Human Heart

An experiment was set up where the heart activity of two test subjects was monitored by an EKG machine. The subjects (a male and a female) were positioned 10 feet from a smart meter while their heart activity and the activity of the microwave bursts of the smart meter were recorded. The subjects were unaware of when the smart meter was transmitting. [12]

The results were decisive. Each time the smart meter broadcasted microwave radiation there was an instantaneous disruption in normal heart activity. Neither subject had a physical sensation of the disruption. The doctor who cleared the subjects for the test and who observed the EKG activity for the two subjects decided to cancel the test for the female before it was complete, because of the severity of the heart disruption.

The following video shows the test results. You can watch the entire 21 minute video or focus on the analysis of the results which begin at 9 minutes and 11 seconds.

EKG Proof that Smart Meters Affect the Human Heart, Part II, YouTube

Smart Meters Radiate into Both the Air and into Electrical Wiring

Thus far the discussion has focused on how smart meters broadcast intense bursts of microwave radiation into the air. These bursts of electromagnetic radiation contain information that is sent to other smart meters and to utility company routers, which pass it on to the utility provider. Utility company routers broadcast bursts of microwave radiation thousands of times per hour. However, there is another, even darker, side to these devices.

Smart meters also add other frequencies of electromagnetic radiation to the electric wiring of buildings. This radiation is in the 2 kilohertz to 50 kilohertz frequency band. Radiation of this type has been studied by scientists and physicians for its ability to alter cellular activity. [13]

For example, researchers are trying to use kilohertz frequencies in this radiation band as a form of anesthetic. If they are able to block the experience of pain by administering kilohertz frequencies to a patient, then it would be unnecessary to use anesthetics. [14, 15, 16, 17, 18, 19, 20, 21, 22, 23]

We must wonder why the frequencies used in medical research to block nerve activity are also being added to electrical wiring by smart meters. Is it coincidence?

The insertion of these kilohertz frequencies by smart meters into household wiring radiates into the environment as much as 6 to 8 feet from electric wires. This means that in a typical home, it is impossible to remove oneself from their effects.

The following picture compares the electrical signal that comes through the old-fashioned analog electrical meter to the electrical signal coming through a smart meter. The smart meter adds a large number of kilohertz frequencies to the standard 60 Hz frequency that is normally present in household wiring.

You may wish to watch the above video to see the actual experiment that compared the performance of analog meters and smart meters, and how smart meters produce “dirty electricity.”

Smart Meters Can Push People Over the Top to Electromagnetic Radiation Illness

Often people who experience illness from smart meters were not bothered by their use of cell phones or Wi-Fi routers. However, once a smart meter was installed on the wall of their home, they became seriously disabled; and they were no longer able to tolerate microwave radiation from a cell phone or Wi-Fi router. Once they were pushed off the cliff into electromagnetic radiation illness, they found it very difficult to regain their health even after limiting their exposure to these frequencies of radiation.

I do want to make quick reference to the fact that the kilohertz frequencies that smart meters add to electrical wiring can be removed with filters.

Unfortunately, protecting ourselves from microwave radiation that travels through the air is much more difficult. Please watch this video to see how frequencies radiate off electrical wiring. The video also discusses the use of Graham-Stetzer filters for removing these frequencies, which are also called “dirty electricity.” The images of radiation produced by dirty electrical wiring begins at 5 minutes and 20 seconds.

See also:

“Dirty” Electricity is a National Problem Affecting Everyone’s Health in the United States

Dirty Electricity Explained – YouTube (8 minutes 21 seconds)

How Do Frequencies Harm Health and Why isn’t Everyone Sick?

Dr. Dietrich Klinghardt, M.D., Ph.D., answers this question. Dr. Klinghardt founded the Sophia Health Institute and sees patients in Seattle, Washington. The institute specializes in the treatment of chronic illness. [24]

The typical patient that he and his colleagues treat has been seen by 23 other physicians before coming to his clinic. They have found that the foundational causes of illness are now quite different than they were thirty or forty years ago.

He explains that electromagnetic radiation such as microwave radiation permanently destroys and alters the manufacturing of proteins within the cells. “Meaning this completely changes the human organism permanently!” [25]

These are a few of the important points made by Dr. Klinghardt in a video entitled, “SMART METERS & EMF RADIATION ➜ The Health Crisis of Our Time!” (His remarks have been slightly edited for brevity.)

Dr. Klinghardt stated:

From a medical perspective, there are two kinds of illnesses. There are the illnesses that have a name, traditional illnesses such as diabetes, hypertension, fractures, and appendicitis. And then there is the much larger amount of illness that goes without a name, where people feel they have lost their zest, they lost their enthusiasm, they lost their sex drive, they have lost their joy – they don’t dance any more, they don’t sing any more. They are still living, but they are sort of living a half-life. This fits every patient we see.

About 80% of health problems that we see now are caused or contributed to by the exposure to man-made electromagnetic fields … all the studies that were correctly done show that they are not safe.

We know cancer rates are going up. There was a famous study in Germany – the Niehler Study – which showed cancer rates in a community where there was no cell phone tower. When the cell phone industry came in, there was no increase in cancer rates for 5 years. After 5 years the cancer rate goes up. After 10 years it’s about 4-fold [higher]. This has now been confirmed by other studies.

The difference between people being more or less electrosensitive is explained by the antenna function of the human body. [Sensitivity is determined by] the composition of minerals, the density of minerals, electrolytes, water content of the system, and even the body size. It has been shown that people with bigger bodies tend to be more electrosensitive. Smaller people are likely to be less sensitive. The most severe electro-allergic (electrosensitive) people that I have seen were large people.

The primary strategy we have used for the last twenty years to move people out of [their condition] is to detox them for heavy metals – to reduce the amount of mercury, lead, nickel, and cadmium that is in the bone marrow and in the fascia membranes and in the connective tissue – to remove as much of that as possible. This has been very successful.

And then there is part two. The shielding of the electric wiring in the body is the myelin sheath around the nerves. This is greatly diminished in chronic infections – especially in Lyme’s. The surface of the Lyme’s spirochete has the same surface markers as the myelin. So, when the immune system looks for the Lyme’s spirochete it also attacks the person’s own myelin and nibbles away at it, so the insulation wears thin. The chronic Lyme’s patients are the same as electrosensitive people. If someone watches this video and you are highly electrosensitive, then please have yourself checked out for Lyme’s disease, because most likely you are positive.

The treatment begins by successfully treating the chronic infection. The second step is to rebuild the myelin.

The set of procedures that we do also involves the use of fungal products. The mushroom extracts have a unique property for protecting people from electrosensitivity. Why this is we don’t know exactly, but we do know that mushrooms thrive in electrically polluted environments. [26]

Healing from Microwave Radiation – Success with Autism

Dr. Klinghardt requires his patients to take three steps to clean up their living spaces.

1. Get rid of cordless phones – replace with corded phones.

2. Get rid of wireless Wi-Fi routers – replace with wired ethernet connections and a wired router.

3. Measure the density of microwave radiation in the bedroom. If the density is above 5, then look for a sleeping location in the house where there is microwave density at or below this level.

If this cannot be found, then protection will need to be installed to prevent microwaves from entering the sleeping space.

About half of Dr. Klinghardt’s patients are autistic children. He describes the requirements for their successful treatment.

Dr. Klinghardt stated:

There are two kinds of autistic kids – the ones that recover and the ones that don’t recover. The ones that recover are the ones that follow exactly this set of instructions. [the 3 points summarized above – eliminating cordless phones and Wi-Fi routers, and sleeping in a low microwave density bedroom]

[Recovery] is hardly done with the vitamins and the other things we do with behavioral therapies. [These things] have a minor effect. The moment we protect the sleeping location of autistic children, the children start recovering. [27]

I highly recommend listening to Dr. Klinghardt’s presentation for all the details about the preceding comments. Specific information about the importance of preventing smart meter installation is in the second half of his presentation.

SMART METERS & EMF RADIATION ➜ The Health Crisis of Our Time! – YouTube (43 minutes)

Conclusion: Smart Meters are a Huge Threat to Our Lives

Smart meters are one of the most invasive technologies invented thus far.

They invade our health by exposing us to radiation that we cannot avoid, and they literally threaten our long-term survival.

They invade our privacy, because when they are fully implemented along with smart appliances, they will essentially be monitoring everything we do.

They are invasive, because they can be used to control our use of electrical power and make choices for us, or be used to deny us access to electric power to “encourage” us to submit and conform to the plans that major corporations and government are making for us.

Every analog meter that remains in place stands as a beacon of freedom for those who are concerned about their health and wish to preserve independent thinking.

Yes, the smart meter system is that serious of a matter!

About the Author

John P. Thomas is a health writer for Health Impact News. He holds a B.A. in Psychology from the University of Michigan, and a Master of Science in Public Health (M.S.P.H.) from the School of Public Health, Department of Health Administration, at the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill.


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This article will focus on the question of how this technology could be used as a silent weapon against people who don’t conform to the plans of the U.S. Government.

The public position will be that these technologies, if developed into weapons, will be used against terrorists and those who pose a threat to national security.

However, because these are “stealth” technologies where the person being targeted would not even know they were being targeted, they could potentially also be used against people who object to mandatory vaccination, medical kidnapping, the nationalization of our private health data, the use of toxic chemicals in food, mandatory indoctrination of children in the public education system, mainstream media brainwashing, the collection of information about our religious and political beliefs, the denial of the right to assemble in peaceful protests against the overreaching power of national and state government, to name just a few.

In the next article, I will discuss how 5G and smart meters could be used as tools for invading our privacy. It will go into greater detail about the security risks associated with this technology.

Beams of Microwave Radiation used as Weapons

I want to take the information in the previous articles and move on to the next logical step. Could 5G cell towers and smart meters be used as non-lethal or even lethal weapons?

In the following short video, you will see how the U.S. Military uses its microwave based Active Denial System (ADS) as a non-lethal weapon. The video explains that a tightly focused and invisible beam of 95 GHz microwaves can be projected a long distance – farther than the reach of standard military rifles. This beam of millimeter radiation travels at the speed of light and is able to penetrate human skin about 1/64 of an inch.

This microwave radiation heats the water molecules in the skin and triggers pain nerves located on the surface of the skin. This intense heating causes people to immediately jump away from the beam and go wherever the system operator pushes them.

Vehicle-Mounted Active Denial System (V-MADS) – YouTube – 3 minutes 10 seconds:

This non-lethal microwave weapon was designed for crowd control. It can move a crowd of civilians out of the way of military activity or disperse civilians who are watching military activity.

It can also target individual enemy agents in urban warfare or battlefield conditions. It can penetrate automobile window glass and subdue the driver with intense heat and pain, thus causing the vehicle to stop. [2, 3, 4]

A recent article in the Washington Times reported that the Russian military is equipping aircraft with microwave weapons. Some of these weapons are so dangerous to the lives of human pilots that they must be placed on unmanned aircraft and controlled from a distance. [5]

5G Cell Towers Also Direct Microwave Beams at People

The previous information about the military’s Active Denial System confirms that microwaves can be directed toward a specific target.

We also know that the 5G wireless technology system that Telecom companies want to install across America has the ability to steer microwave beams toward objects. In fact, this is one of the key features of the 5G system.

This allows each 5G cell tower to direct multiple beams of millimeter microwaves to a cell phone, an iPad, tablet PC, automobile, or any other device that will provide a GPS location.

If you are using a cell phone as you drive, the nearest 5G tower will lock a beam on you and your phone as you travel. It targets your phone and tracks your every movement. It makes frequent adjustments in the trajectory of the microwave beam to keep you connected. If your car has built-in GPS, then your car can be tracked in the same way. [6]

5G Cell Towers use Antenna Arrays to Create a Microwave Beam Which Locates Nearby Devices

5G cell systems use phased array antennas and electronically variable phase shifters, to simultaneously project a large number of microwave beams toward multiple users across a band of frequencies.

Antenna arrays consist of hundreds and sometimes many thousands of individual antennas, which are clustered together in a specific pattern to create many steerable beams of microwaves.

These fixed antenna arrays are also called adaptive or smart antenna arrays, because the microwave beams they produce are electronically steered by computers.

Simply initiating a cell phone call or making an internet connection triggers an automatic response from the antenna array on the 5G cell tower to adjust its output and to direct a microwave signal toward your device. Even when your phone is in standby mode, it will periodically make contact with the cellular system, during which it provides its location. [7]

The Military Uses Fixed Array Antenna Systems to Track Satellites – See Through Walls

Fixed array antenna systems are also used by the military for its newest generation radar systems. These antenna arrays scan the sky and track satellites. The electromagnetic frequencies they use are much lower than 5G, which means their beams can travel great distances.

Fixed array antenna radar systems can also be used at close range to see through walls into buildings. [8, 9]

Watch a Fixed Array Antenna System Steer a Beam at a Target

Fixed antenna arrays consist of small antennas arranged in one of several configurations such as a grid, a circle, or a line. If you want to see a demonstration of fixed array antennas, please watch the following video. This video is a radar application, but the concepts are exactly the same for 5G microwave beam steering.

Phased Array Demonstration System – YouTube frame – 4 minutes 24 seconds:

For a highly technical presentation on beam steering and 5G antenna systems, please watch these videos.

How to Design Phased Array Systems – YouTube – 12 minutes:

How to Understand 5G: Beamforming – YouTube – 14 minutes:

Basic Facts that Explain How the 5G System could be used as a Weapon

I am sharing this information to help you follow a logical train of thought about the potential of using 5G technology and smart meters for weapon-like purposes.

1. The higher the frequency the shorter the wavelength. This means that the military use of 95 GHz frequency involves radio waves that are quite short. They are in the 1-millimeter frequency band, which generally ranges from 30 GHz to 300 GHz. Because they are short, they cannot travel as far as longer length waves. They also are less able to penetrate objects. This is why it is claimed that they can only penetrate human skin to a depth of 1/64 of an inch.

2. The microwaves that are used for 5G communication are usually in the 28 GHz and 38 GHz frequency bands, though testing has also been done in the 78 GHz frequency band. As far as we know, exposure to these frequencies do not heat human bodies, because the microwave density is much lower than military microwave weapons. Density refers to the amount of radiation that passes through a square centimeter or square meter in a second. The higher the density the greater the potential for doing harm.

3. Microwave ovens use microwaves that are around 2.8 GHz. These are longer waves than those used in 5G. As we know, they penetrate food easily and when the density is high, they cook the food. Most of the microwave activity is contained in the cooking chamber so that the microwaves won’t cook the human beings who use the ovens. Though it should be understood that almost all microwave ovens leak microwave radiation, which is a health risk for people who stand close to them.

4. Microwaves used for Wi-Fi routers are also in the same range as microwave ovens, though the density of their transmission is much lower. Their health risks come from the fact that the microwave radiation is constant and has longer wave lengths than 5G. These microwaves can penetrate into the body and produce cellular changes.

5. Cell phones and smart meters operate at various frequencies that are in the range of 2.8 GHz down to 900 MHz. This means their microwave radiation can penetrate even deeper into the body. Because of the proximity effect, cell phones can produce a heating effect in the skull and brain when they are held up to the ear.

6. If you wanted to use a cell phone to cook food, then it would be necessary to increase the microwave density produced by the phone. If you did this it would cook your hand when you held it. This is why cell phone manufacturers keep the density high enough to reach cell towers but low enough to not cook the brains of users too much when they hold a cell phone next to their ear.

7. In practical terms the difference in wave length between the telecom’s 38 GHz and the military’s 95 GHz is not that great since this is all in the 1-millimeter frequency band. The factor that differentiates a weapon from a cell tower is primarily microwave density.

8. Since frequencies in the range of 28 to 38 GHz can’t travel as far as lower frequency transmissions, it is necessary to place the cell towers much closer together. This is why the proposed implementation of the 5G system in California will require the addition of 50,000 new cell towers to make the 5G system operational. The cell towers could be as close as 100 to 300 meters apart.

Putting the Facts Together – Potential Outcomes of 5G Technology

Now, this is where it gets very interesting. What would happen if the density of 5G cell tower transmissions could be jacked up to a much higher density level? Could 5G technology become a directed energy weapon? Instead of sending a beam of low density microwave radiation toward you and your cell phone or toward you and the GPS system that is built into many automobiles, could the system be adjusted to send a much more powerful beam of high density microwaves toward you or a crowd of people such as is done with the U.S. military’s Active Denial System?

As far as I can tell, it is unlikely that 5G antennas could produce the microwave density of the military’s ADS weapon without burning themselves up, because of their small size and physical design. However, all electromagnetic radiation produces an effect on the human body.

What impact will the slightly longer microwaves from 5G have on us when they penetrate more deeply into the body than the 95 GHz of the military’s Active Denial System?

We have very little data at this point to inform us of what exposure in the 28 GHz, 38 GHz or the 95 GHz range will do to human life in the long-term. All we know at this point is that microwave radiation from devices in the 900 MHz to 3 GHz frequency range can cause many symptoms of distress and illness as described in my previous articles.

Telecom companies who are promoting 5G and utilities that are using smart meters continue to claim that their microwave technology is harmless, but as I explained in the previous articles, this is false information. Even the military indirectly admits that there are some risks associated with their active denial microwave weapon, though they don’t define what they mean by “minimal risk.” [10]

People are harmed by persistent electromagnetic frequencies such as microwaves whether they know it or not, and highly sensitive people are very aware of how it degrades their functioning.

Weapons Don’t have to Kill to Cause Harm

Phone emits waves in the brain of a person

What would happen if a 5G tower directed a microwave beam at someone 24-hours per day whether or not they were using their cell phone? What if they increased the density of the microwave beam and directed it at someone’s bedroom, so that their ability to sleep was disturbed and their ability to enter into normal biological rest and repair was stopped? What if the microwave stream was intentionally randomly pulsed like a smart meter? What would happen to someone’s heart if the constant microwave activity continually disrupted normal heart rhythm? What would it do to increase the likelihood of developing some form of heart disease or cancer?

How would long-term sleep deprivation affect one’s cognitive processes? Could sleep deprivation drive someone into some type of mental illness? Sleep deprivation is one of the tools used by mind control agents to break a human being so that they can be easily programmed to carry out the will of another person.

Inadequate sleep also can set in place a pattern of declining health, which eventually leads to life-threatening illness.

If microwave technology becomes weaponized, undoubtedly it will be claimed as a use against criminals and terrorists.

But could people who publicly disagree with the plans that the government is making for America, such as those who oppose mandatory vaccinations for example, become targets of a silent form of microwave attack from 5G towers – attacks that disrupt sleep, immune system functioning, normal body rest and repair, cognitive activity, and emotional balance?

Could 5G and Smart Meters become Lethal Weapons?


Could smart meters also be used to covertly deliver elevated levels of microwave radiation to the occupants of a house or office over a period of months or years? We already know that the microwave bursts from normally functioning smart meters disrupt human heart rhythm. (See my previous article on smart metersfor the details.)

However, we don’t know what secret research might have been done to determine the best way to use bursts of microwave radiation from smart meters to maximize heart damage, particularly in counter-terrorism research.

What if the smart meter in anyone’s home or office could be programmed to deliver an intentional pattern of pulsing microwave radiation with the intent of producing damage to someone’s heart? How much damage could be produced over a period of months or years? Could this push someone towards having a coronary episode such as a fatal heart attack? Some doctors think so. (See my previous articles for the details.)

Would the real cause of death ever be identified? From the standpoint of an autopsy, death from a heart attack would probably be called death by natural causes. Pathologists do not look for signs of constant microwave exposure as a cause of death, because people in the medical community are taught to believe that electromagnetic frequency radiation and specifically microwaves produce by smart meters and 5G cell towers are harmless.

Security Risks and Further Invasions into Our Privacy

I will build on the information that was presented here in my next article. I will examine whether our cellular communication and computer data will be secure in the environment of 5G and smart meters.

Conclusion: Civil Liberties Threatened by 5G Technologies

Americans are responsible for paying attention to our rights of privacy and our rights to be free from having weapons used against us when we are not violating the law. They are part of our civil rights as defined by the U.S. Constitution.

The risk of ignoring threats to our privacy and the danger of retaliation against our bodies and our minds from weapon systems embedded in 5G cell towers and smart meters should not be dismissed as a “conspiracy theory.”

The plan to literally blanket the country in 5G radiation in the one-millimeter bandwidth and to have receiving and transmission nodes in the form of smart meters on every home and office in America are established facts.

It is not conspiracy theory to point out these facts and to point out how this technology is violating the U.S Constitution.

Asserting our constitutional rights to be protected from unauthorized intrusion into our privacy, to be free from having our bodies assaulted by a constant flow of microwave radiation, and to be free from retaliation for the truth we speak is a matter of true patriotism.

I believe it is a patriotic act to rally around the Constitution of the United States of America and to seek to preserve the freedoms it provides. May we all be patriots when it comes to 5G and smart meters!

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