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(Update/clarification: This situation escalated out of control when Roberta Lange, Chairwoman of the Nevada State Democratic Party & member of the national DNC Executive Committee subjectively called the results of a voice vote, adjourned the meeting using a gavel, and left. According to a Democratic Party spokesman, the national party or its Chair, Rep. Debbie Wasserman Schultz, “did not have a part in this.”)

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Adryenn Ashley posted several live videos (below) from inside the Paris Hotel in Las Vegas, where arcane secondary rounds of the delegate selection process of Nevada’s Democratic caucus erupted into chaos Saturday night. Bernie Sanders supporters demanded 64 rejected pro-Sanders delegates listed in a “minority report” prepared by their campaign be allowed to participate in selecting delegates for the national convention.

DNC leaders refused to reconsider their decision not to allow this, adjourned, and fled the building amid a chorus of boos; leaving hotel security and local police officers to handle the angry Sanders supporters.

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Earlier in the day, the Sanders camp objected to several of their delegates being disqualified from voting for administrative reasons, and booed Sen. Barbara Boxer when she called for unity. “If you’re booing me, you’re booing Bernie Sanders,” she told them. “Go ahead, boo yourselves out of this election.”

A member of the rules committee called the act of disallowing votes for purely administrative reasons a violation of the spirit of the values of our nation.

The longest of Ashley’s videos is the most consequential, others posted further below:

Sanders supporters are observed considering a sit-in in Ashley’s video, but hotel security forced them out, saying “it is now in the hands of the attorneys.”

“Please leave peacefully,” the security officers said. “Please leave, it is not safe here.”

“If we do not leave, it becomes a big issue,” said one Sanders supporter. “I’m not leaving.”

At one point, Ashley loses the video connection, but audio remains. “I don’t know if you can see this,” she says. “I don’t know if you can hear this, but there are twenty armed sheriffs here to help them steal the election… They’re saying leave now or else.”

After minute nine of the above video, Ashley asks someone what is going on: “We’ve got 620 viewers here, you have nothing to say?”

“The guy that is speaking is not a member of the DNC, he is head of security for Paris [hotel]. He says he is a dedicated –I don’t know if he is a Democrat,” someone responds. “But the election process, and please leave. It is not safe here. And by it is not safe here, I expect he means all those sheriffs at the front of the room… They are asking us to ‘leave the private property at this time.’ This should be national news. This needs to be national news.”

Eventually they shut the lights off to get the Sanders supporters out.

She garnered more than 1,000 viewers by the end of her twenty-minute livestream.

So far this video of a “fight” is the only sign of violence.


More videos from the scene:

Update: “Roberta Lange stole this,” said someone named Matt in the comments section of this article, about Chairwoman of the Nevada State Democratic Party & member of the DNC Executive Committee Roberta Lange: “It was not democracy. We had a motion for Recount on the Floor, Roberta ignored it, and called a motion to adjurn the meeting and then Ran out, even though the Nays won it. She did that on purpose, she is a crook, and needs to be kicked out of her position as Nevada Democratic Chair Woman. I am officially registering as an Independent, I was considering voting Hillary if I had to over Trump, she just changed my mind. She just proved Democrats are Crooks.”

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  1. Ken Franklin

    The DNC and RNC are just different sides of the same coin, both parties controlled by the plutocrats that pull their strings via campaign (and other less legal and ethical) contributions. Let’s hope that the people who are rebelling against this suppression can persevere and forge a new political order that returns some degree of control to the 99% who actually produce the wealth that is being used against them by these bloated elites.

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