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From The Daily Planet
Charles Ortel is one of the finest financial fraud investigators in the world.  His investigations into AIG and GE in 2008 were considered landmark that identified evidence of massive financial malfeasance.  This most recent in-depth investigation into the Clinton Foundation, the Clinton Global Initiative and the tentacles of massive charity fraud will leave the reader/viewer speechless.  This is for the discerning and those that believe in the hallmarks of life, liberty, the pursuit of happiness and justice for all.
To fully understand the significance of what secret order insiders do out of some sort of above the law entitlement is more out of a criminal antagonist wanting to rule the planet in James Bond on screen or a villain out of Marvel Comics yet this is reality. 
Mr. Ortel is Clark Kent and the chief investigator into the largest unprosecuted global charity fraud in history.
Truth, Justice and the American Way.
And yes Charles Ortel is able to leap tall buildings in a single bound though he prefers elevators and a high tech anti-gravity parachute for a gentle landing.
Enclosed please find a two-part interview below.
Charles Ortel, the respected Wall Street analyst who uncovered grave financial discrepancies at GE before its stock crashed in 2008 alleges with particularity and thorough documentation through relentless research and investigation that the Clinton Foundation and its myriad subsidiaries, versions and iterations have committed a number of flagrant irregularities in its tax records and are violating existing charitable, financial disclosure and IRS regulations, laws and statutes. The degree of criminality is breathtaking. 

With a nonpareil tenacity Ortel has analyzed with a take-no-prisoners ferocity the “charity” operations of Hillary and Bill Clinton, the Bonnie and Clyde of charity fraud, known collectively as the Clinton Foundation and its myriad tentacles. Ortel’s indefatigable efforts to expose the Clinton corruption machine have resulted in an indictment of the Clinton’s (figurative, for now) that will boggle the mind.

Wall Street on Parade notes that in a nine-page letter posted to his blog, Ortel calls the Clinton’s charity the “largest unprosecuted charity fraud ever attempted,” adding for good measure that the Clinton Foundation is part of an “international charity fraud network whose entire cumulative scale (counting inflows and outflows) approaches and may even exceed $100 billion, measured from 1997 forward.” Ortel lists 40 potential areas of fraud or wrongdoing that he plans to expose over the coming days. 

Preview YouTube video The Unprosecuted $100 Billion Clinton Foundation Criminal Global Conspiracy (Part II)

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