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If you live in the United States of America, there are some things you should know about vaccination, and about your rights.

Did you know that

  • in 47 states your child does not have to be vaccinated to attend public school? (Click here for more info)
  • as a parent, YOU have the right to make medical decisions for your child? Including whether or not to vaccinate?
  • data shows that vaccines have had very little, if anything, to do with the decrease in deaths from childhood illness? (more info)
  • if a doctor threatens to call CPS if you refuse to vaccinate, the doctor may be breaking the law? (definition of extortion)
  • the recent outbreaks of pertussis (whooping cough) have occurred mostly in people who were fully vaccinated? (more)
  • the vaccine for pertussis appears to be causing the increase in whooping cough? (more) and (more)
  • if you follow the CDC’s childhood vaccine schedule, your child will be injected with 115 vaccine antigens from birth to 2 years? (more)
  • there has never been a single study investigating the safety or efficacy of the childhood schedule? (see package inserts, clinical trials)
  • some vaccines contain the DNA of aborted human fetuses (human babies), and others contain DNA of animals such as cows, chickens, pigs, mice, monkeys and insects? (more)
  • some vaccines still contain mercury, which is the second-most toxic substance on earth? (more here and here and here)
  • many vaccines contain aluminum, formaldehyde and polysorbate 80 – all of which are known neurotoxins? (more)
  • when you receive a vaccine that contains a live virus you are contagious to others and they can get the disease from you? (more here) and (here)
  • vaccines are the only medical procedure applied to 100% of the population, without regard to whether or not some children cannot handle them or may be more susceptible to serious vaccine-injury? (more)
  • there is a reporting system for vaccine-reactions and it contains thousands of reports of serious adverse reactions, including deaths from vaccines? (more)
  • the U.S. Government has paid out more than 3 Billion Dollars to parents whose children have been seriously harmed or killed by vaccines? (more)
  • you cannot sue a vaccine manufacturer because they are protected from liability by the government? (more)
  • you can obtain the vaccine inserts and read all the information about the risks before you make a decision about vaccinating? (more)

Did you know that when asked, parents of vaccine-injured children say:

“If I could go back and do it again, I would not vaccinate.”

“I wish someone had told me about the risks before I vaccinated my child.”

“I wish I had taken the time to research vaccines before I vaccinated my child.”

Did you know… You have the right to say “NO!” to vaccines?
You have the right to take your time, and to learn about vaccines before making a decision.

Learn more. Educate BEFORE you vaccinate.

Free Printout of This Information – Click Here!


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