The Global Pandemic has Awakened Humanity to the Basis of Its Survival – Physical Contact with the Earth

Jun 20, 2022 by

During the first weeks of the pandemic but especially after many months of uncertainty, we long to step outside our buildings. We long to experience places where the Earth is not built over. Where we can touch it, feel it with our hands, walk on it, lie on it, swim in its waters, breathe its air, and feel its breezes touch our skin.

We seek out places like the foothills outside Los Angeles in the North American continent (top photo) or Khyber Pass along the Silk Route in Pakistan in South Asia (bottom photo). Or the Findhorn Beach in Scotland in the European Continent or the Andes Mountains extending almost over the entire South American continent.

Why do we feel such longings? Much of what we know, of what we take for granted, of what we base our daily lives on, has collapsed. We open windows and doors. Searching — sometimes crying, sometimes singing. Crying because we are afraid. Singing because we choose courage over fear.

We yearn for the seasonal regenerative cycles of the Earth because they are ours as well. Our very survival depends upon us remembering this. On our having physical contact with the Living Earth.

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