Do Cellphones Cause Cancer?And ways to protect yourself from cell phone radiation

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Cell phones emit radio frequency energy from their antennas which is a form of electromagnetic radiation. They can be categorized as ionizing and non-ionizing. Human body parts which come in contact or closest to the antenna can absorb this energy. Exposure to ionizing radiation, such as from x-rays, is known to increase the risk of cancer.

Many Researchers have carried out several types of studies to examine the possibility of an association between cell phone use and the risk of cancer. Few studies have shown some evidence of statistical association of cell phone use and brain tumor risks, but most studies have found no association.In 2011, the International Agency for Research on Cancer Exit Disclaimer (IARC), appointed an expert Working Group to study and review all available evidence on the use of cell phones. The Working Group classified cell phone use as “possibly carcinogenic to humans,” based on limited evidence from human studies.

There are more than 327.5 million cell phone subscribers in the United States and this number is increasing daily. Over time, the number of cell phone calls per day, the length of each call duration, and the amount of time people use cell phones have increased.

How can cell phone users reduce exposure to radio frequency energy?

  • Try and restrict the use of cell phone for shorter conversation and only when landline phones is not available.
  • Use a hands-free device, such as wired headsets, this helps maintaining a distance between the phone and head of user.
  • Do not keep your cell phone next to your body or in your bra. There is evidence offered by the Environmental Health Trust to suggest that women who keep a cellular phone in their bra may develop breast cancer. Research also indicates that men who keep their cell phones on their belt or near their reproductive organs may have lower sperm counts and less sperm motility.
  • Consider using alternatives to cell phones whenever possible like landline or Skype.
  • Switch your cell phone to airplane mode when you hand over your cell phone to your kids or toddlers.
  • While sleeping do not keep your phone close to you, either put your phone on airplane mode or keep it far side of the bedroom
  • Consider using your cell phones only when you have good reception (5 bars). Cell phones emit more radiation while low on network signal strength.
  • Using a proven EMF cell phone protection device can help absorb the majority of potentially harmful EMF’s.

The Zorb EMF cell phone protection disc is Lab Tested & Patented in the U.S. In lab testing the Zorb helped reduce harmful EMF (Electromagnetic Frequencies) emitted from wireless devices by up to 91 percent and SAR (Specific Absorption Rate) of heat emissions by up to 60 percent.Zorb-Science-EMF-SAR-Tests PDF-Icon

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