“Our lives begin to end the day we become silent about things that matter.”

Martin Luther King Jr.

Please watch my interview with Olle Johansson in Stockholm, Sweden


My name is Jolie Jones, daughter of legendary Quincy Jones, and I have personally experienced Electromagnetic Hypersensitivity.

Please watch my interview  with Olle Johansson “I’m Not The Only One!” on this page.

Because of my experience and the knowledge gained by navigating my way through this debilitating impairment, I feel the responsibility to open up a dialog and share what I have learned in the process of my healing.

Right now we are at a tipping point with the issue of biological health effects of wireless devices. New research keeps coming out showing us that there are serious health risks—that are now undeniable—from exposure to radiofrequency waves emitted by our cellphones, wifi and other wireless devices.

This is a delicate conversation to open up. We have all become so dependent on our many devices in the course of our everyday lives.

Let’s begin to have this conversation with our eyes, hearts and minds wide open, regardless of any inconveniences. There are many things we can do in our everyday lives that can make a tremendous difference as a precautionary measure.

It’s time to take a look at the 1st and 2nd hand exposure we are subjecting ourselves to. It is similar to back in the day when we started to talk and look at our exposure to cigarette smoke (1st and 2nd hand), and asbestos and lead for that matter.

A recent 15 year long US Government study costing $25 million done by the National Toxicology Program proves without a doubt that radiofrequencies emitted by wifi and other devices, such as cellphones, cause cancer in the brain and hearts of rats.


There is study after study showing there are biological health effects after exposure!

Why is industry and our federal government not acknowledging them? It was the same with cigarettes if you remember.

It is in the fine print that comes with your cellphone.


Plenty of evidence is available to substantiate these facts and therefore the need for us all to take precautionary measures. Especially when it comes to our children.


They cannot protect themselves.



“Human beings are bioelectrical systems. Our hearts and brains are regulated by internal bioelectrical signals. Environmental exposures to artificial EMFs can interact with fundamental biological processes in the human body.” 

Cindy Sage, 2012 BioInitiative Report


Seemingly overnight I became impaired… unable to be anywhere near radiofrequency waves generated by cellphones and wireless devices.

I felt like a Canary in the Coal Mine!!

I was unable to use a cellphone. 

I was unable to work. 

I had to become a refugee from the modern world.


It became unbearable for me to be in a wifi environment.

I couldn’t watch television and had to drastically reduce my computer use.

I had to use only non-wireless connections.

I couldn’t go to restaurants, movie theaters, yoga classes, concerts, offices, hotels, airports, be in a rental car with GPS.

I had to stop going to homes of friends and family.

As a result, I lost connection with  friends and family.

It was impossible to convey to anyone the energy that went into surviving each day and the suffering that I was experiencing emotionally and physically. So I stopped trying to get anyone to understand. I had to let go of so much and so many. The world I knew, wasn’t anymore.

I lost everything!

Wireless radiation pollution was intolerable for me!

It stole 7 years of my life!

I spent 90% of those 7 years alone.

I was completely isolated.

It will take me years to rebuild.

I am one of the lucky ones… and…



EHS ~ Electromagnetic HyperSensitivity

Electromagnetic Hypersensitivity (EHS), also known as electrohypersensitivity or electrosensitivity, is a condition in which an individual experiences symptoms like headaches, dizziness, unusual heart palpitations, skin reactions, or insomnia as a result of being around wireless technologies or electrical devices—such as smart meters, cell towers, wifi, mobile phones, tablets, laptops, cordless phones, power line magnetic fields, intermediate frequencies, and electric and magnetic fields from various electronic devices and appliances.

A Silicon-valley engineer turned technology health advocate, Jeromy Johnson discusses our attachment to technology and the health hazards such an addiction may hold. [AV and event video provided by http://repertoireproductions.com]. Jeromy Johnson is an expert in mitigating the negative impacts of Electromagnetic Field (EMF) exposure.

National Geographic – Taboo High Frequency electromagnetic filed sensitive people- Candidiasis (Fungus body infection) , WiFi,GSM Electromagnetic Smog, Електромагнитно замърсяване.Other Biological effectively by prolonged exposure to microwave fields cause Fungi infection-Candida witch produce Toxins.indicator of fungal infection-White toungue -Oral candidiasis .Candida surface overgrowth builds up as whitish plaque Budding yeasts


Please watch one of the best Documentaries I have seen yet!

To be online all the time and everywhere. It sounds great, but it has its drawbacks. As digital networks are closing in, there are fewer places to be really on your own. Being offline is becoming a luxury. Where can you be offline?


Resonance is a sensational journey, which reveals 60 years of scientific research into the harm being caused to life by man made wireless frequencies. Two billion years ago life first arrived on this planet; a planet, which was filled with a natural frequency. As life slowly evolved, it did so surrounded by this frequency.
Watch “Take Back Your Power” now: http://takebackyourpower.net Help distribute: http://takebackyourpower.net/affiliate FACEBOOK: http://facebook.com/TakeBackYourPower TWITTER: http://twitter.com/TBYPfilm A clip on privacy and surveillance issues, from the revelatory documentary Take Back Your Power (2013). Utility companies are racing to replace electricity, gas and water meters worldwide with new generation “smart” meters at an unprecedented rate.
“Searching for a Golden Cage” is the latest documentary film to capture the challenging reality of living with electromagnetic hypersensitivity (EHS). We live in the wireless world . http://electroplague.com/2014/05/11/film-searching-for-a-golden-cage/ http://www.allum.pl/choroby/%20wrazliwosc-nadwrazliwosc-na-pole-elektromagnetyczne
Author Katie Singer discusses An Electronic Silent Spring, published by Rudolph Steiner Books (2014). Visit http://www.electronicsilentspring.com/ An Electric Silent Spring reports the effects of electrification and wireless devices on people, plants, bee colonies, and frogs around the globe. It presents solutions for people who want to reduce their exposure to electromagnetic radiation.


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