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It took awhile, but Americans are finally more aware and concerned about the meat industry. And, since Congress recently repealed the Country-of-Origin labeling law on beef and pork, denying consumers the right to know where the meat is coming from, concern has really ramped up. However, it seems we need to be just as concerned about American meat, particularly chicken meat.

Unless you are an insider, you won’t hear about what goes on inside the chicken meat industry- they are very secretive. But a brave American farmer in the video below, who is contracted to a meat processing company, took an RT reporter inside the henhouse in  Fairmont, North Carolina to witness the company’s horrible secrets.

From the article:

“The company makes a lot of big claims on the package of chicken meat — none of which appear to be true. The meat is supposed to come from cage-free chicken without the use of hormones or steroids. In reality, the chickens are crammed into the farmhouse without fresh air and barely space to move around; they walk on their own manure full of bacteria, are diseased, and die in large numbers each day, sometimes a whole flock at a time.”

The farmer also reveals that there ARE pharmaceuticals in the bird feed, even though antibiotic use has been banned. But that’s not all, other drugs, not classified as antibiotics, are also fed to the birds.

We have to be responsible for feeding ourselves since we can no longer trust the government to tell us what’s in our food or be concerned about its safety.

Source: Alt Health Works

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