Federal Court Warns About WiFi Radiation Exposure, Especially to Kids, and Damage to the Environment

Dec 11, 2018 by


As members of the Kennedy household have a lengthy background of working to resolve ecological, political, and even social problems prior to them becoming a common concern, it should come as no surprise that Robert F. Kennedy, Jr. has stepped up again.

Recently, he became one of numerous endorsers of a request that the government issue cautionary statements concerning direct exposure to WiFi radiation—specifically to young people. Numerous studies have confirmed that WiFi and other forms of wireless radiation are unsafe to humans, animals and also to nature.


U.S. Senator Blumenthal Wants FCC to Prove That 5G Wireless Technology is Safe 

U.S. Senator Richard Blumenthal cited a study released this month by the National Toxicology Program, an inter-agency program within the U.S. Department of Health and Human Service, that showed evidence of cancerous heart tumors, as well as some evidence of cancerous brain tumors, in male rats exposed to exposed to high levels of radio frequency radiation like that used in 2G and 3G cell phones. The study, begun in 1999, did not address 4G and 5G technologies. “The stark, simple fact is that health hazards are unknown and unstudied,” Blumenthal said at his press conference. “That is a sign of neglect and disregard at the Federal Communications Commission (FCC) that is unacceptable. We need to know whether the technology can cause cancer and other diseases.”


Want to Learn More About Wifi Hazards? 

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