First of Bystrup’s T-Pylons completes

Apr 11, 2015 by

[FIRST LOOK] The first T-Pylons designed by Danish-based architecture, design and engineering practice Bystrup have been installed in Nottinghamshire

The five T-Pylons have been constructed as a training line at the National Grid’s academy in Nottinghamshire, where they will be used for development before being the new pylon design on new transmission lines.

Bystrup won the RIBA-run competition for the new pylon design last year, seeing off competition from Amanda Levete Architects, Gustafson Porter, Ian Ritchie Architects, New Town Studio and Knight Architects.

Standing at 35m-tall, the designs are up to one third shorter than the traditional steel lattice pylon. The new pylons also have just eight structural components making them quicker and easier to install.

David Wright, director of electricity transmission asset management at National Grid said: ‘We’ve been able to answer yes to the hundreds questions that need to be asked before we can introduce a new type of pylon. The training line has enabled us to learn so many lessons about how to manufacture and build the T-pylon.  I’m incredibly proud of the high standard of engineering that brought us to this point.

‘We developed the new style of pylon so that we could have a 21st century design to offer as we plan new transmission routes.  The T-pylon is not a replacement for the steel lattice pylon but it’s a new option and in some landscapes its shorter height and sleeker appearance can offer real advantages.’

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