Generation Zapped Movie – precautions for EMF

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Here are 7 Basic precautionary tips to reduce your exposure to radio frequencies

Did you know you can use technology in a safer ways?

GET OFF THE GRID Turn your Wi-Fi router, devices and Bluetooth OFF or put on airplane mode when not in use. Children, beware! Don’t use wireless devices in metal enclosures like cars, buses, planes, trains and elevators!

GET PURE SLEEP with no wireless devices in your bedroom unless on airplane mode. EMF’s affect your melatonin secretions and your brain!

GET TIME CONSCIOUS Decrease your exposure time! Speak less. Text more. Use speakerphone. Minimize your time spent in Wi-Fi hot spots.

GET IT OUT of your pocket to prevent infertility and prostate cancer. Get it out of your bra to prevent breast cancer.

GET SIGHT Look out for cell phone towers or 5G transmitters near you and your children’s schools. Lobby to get them removed.

GET SMART Just say NO to so called “smart” meters, “smart” home alarms and anything “smart” for that matter. They are not in your best interest.

Apply all of the above to minimize first-hand and second-hand radiation, especially for children and pregnant women.

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