Good News: NY appeals court refuses to reinstate ban on unvaccinated kids

Apr 13, 2019 by

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 New York courts are not supporting, so far, martial law efforts to impose forced vaccines.

More good news in New York. Yesterday afternoon a New York appeals court refused a request by Rockland County, NY to overturn a temporary restraining order issued by a lower court that stopped a ban on children unvaccinated with the MMR shot from going to school and public places in Rockland County, NY.

The decision means that unvaccinated minors in Rockland County, New York will continue to go to school and will be allowed in public spaces. An Emergency Declaration issue by Rockland County Executive Ed Day prohibited minors who had not received at least one MMR vaccine from going to school, and were banned for any public indoor spaces. There were 4 active cases of measles in Rockland County, population 330,000, when Day issued the order. Day’s order was restrained by a decision from New York Supreme Court Judge Rolf Thorsen issued on April 5.

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The court’s decison to block the ban did not deter New York City Mayor, and possible presidential candidate, Bill de Blasio, from issuing an order on April 9, commanding all residents, students and workers within 4 zip codes in the Williamsburg area of Brooklyn to get at least one MMR shot with 48 hours or face a possible $1000 fine. The City has refused to reveal the number of known measles cases in the target area.  A legal challenge of the New York City order will be filed shortly.

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