How to Make Your Home Safe and Dry After Flooding

Sep 9, 2017 by

Follow this expert advice to get your house ready for rebuilding while you consider your options

Houzz Editorial Staff.
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Gulf Coast residents returning to flood-damaged homes in the wake of Hurricane Harvey — and soon people in the Caribbean and Florida after Irma — have a long road ahead of them. Hopefully that road stays dry. Cleaning, demolition, drying and rebuilding can take months, even years. Right now, two weeks after the start of the tropical storm, Houstonians and others are in the process of removing everything from their homes, demolishing the waterlogged drywall, disinfecting and letting everything dry out as quickly as possible.

We spoke with Austin, Texas, builder Matt Risinger, who’s been making trips to Houston as a volunteer with his church group to help people demo their homes and begin the drying process. He’s been documenting this on his blog, Instagram feed and YouTube channel. Here, he offers tips to homeowners on how to proceed once the waters recede. Be sure to check out his video below for more instructions. We’ve also included advice from the Federal Emergency Management Agency, Red Cross and Department of Housing and Urban Development.

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