How Will We Live on the Moon? Just Ask ‘The Martian’ Author

Nov 15, 2017 by

In his new book, ‘Artemis,’ Andy Weir geeks out on how homes and cities could one day be built on the lunar surface

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For author Andy Weir, colonizing the moon isn’t a question of if, but when.

In his 2011 science fiction novel, The Martian, which became a blockbuster movie starring Matt Damon, Weir geeked out on the possibility of exploring the red planet. His new novel, Artemis, out Nov. 14, centers around a fictional first and only lunar city. The book’s protagonist is a smart-alecky, 20-something porter and smuggler named Jasmine Bashara, or Jazz for short, who grew up in Artemis. Weir’s rapid-fire narrative and dialogue — everyone always seems to be walking and talking — carry the action, which unfolds as a plot-twisting heist thriller.

As he did with the “science the sh** out of this” details in The Martian, Weir went to great lengths to conceive real structures and residences on the moon. In other words, if you were going to live on the moon, this is how you would — or, as Weir says, will — do it. “There’s no fudging,” he says. We caught up with Weir over the phone last week from his home in Mountain View, California (where NASA’s Ames Research Center is located), to talk about how he conceived the memorable future city of Artemis.

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