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Campaign Action

Send a message to the House: Don’t roll back internet privacy rules that protect our online information!

Internet companies want to sell your personal online data to the highest bidder–and Congress might let them!

On March 23, Republican Senators voted to overturn privacy rules implemented by the FCC in 2015 that protect your personal data online. These rules require internet service providers to get your permission before they sell your personal data.

Now this awful invasion of your privacy goes to the House for a vote. If the House removes these rules, Comcast and other internet service providers will be free to sell your personal information and online behavior history to the highest bidder without your consent or knowledge.

Internet service providers collect a lot of data points about people–including location and website browsing history. This data can create an intimate portrait of a person, which in the wrong hands could be dangerous.

Your online history can easily identify your political beliefs, religious beliefs, sexual identity, health problems, and many other personal factors you might not want shared.

This data could be used to target people of color for surveillance and persecute people for their religious beliefs and sexual identities, which is a very real concern under the current administration.

Additionally, the method to repeal these rules–the Congressional Review Act (CRA)–could prevent the FCC from creating rules to protect your online privacy in the future.

This is the same way Republicans have rolled back environmental, health, and anti-corruption rules this year.

Don’t let Congress remove your online privacy protections. Sign and send a message to your Representative demanding these protections remain in place.

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