Legislators know nothing about vaccines: Educate them

Oct 6, 2017 by

Send them a new report from Del Bigtree
     Del Bigtree’s Informed Consent Action Network has just released a useful guide to vaccine policy in the US, Vaccine Safety: Introduction to Vaccine Safety Science & Policy in the United States. We believe all legislators at the state and federal levels in the US should read this paper.

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Anyone who has ever met with an elected official or their staffs knows that they usually know nothing about vaccines or vaccine policy. Help them learn something, Click on the Take Action link to send the link to the paper to your State and Federal elected representatives.

You can read the paper or download a PDF at the following link:


And you might want to mail hard copies to your legislators as well. If it is sitting in their hands they just might read some of it. You can get your legislators names and contact information here:


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