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Awesome French Micro Apartment is Awesome

Continuing on yesterday’s theme of creative adaptations of existing spaces is this apartment by French architect Cyril Rheims. The space, designed for a young student, measures only 301 sq ft but contains a number of clever features.

Before the renovation, the space was pretty unprepossessing, and its walls, which meet at a variety of off angles, would seem like a challenge to work with.


Rheims cleared the space then built custom furnishings into the walls, save for a couple sitting cubes, a sofa and a birdcage. These built in furnishings include a retracting breakfast bar over the dishwasher, a cantilevered bed “cocoon” and a number of storage elements. The odd angles, coupled with the grey, quasi-metallic palette, create an overall effect that is reminiscent of Voltron (it’s an architectural term). But in a good way.

via Living in a Shoebox

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